Playin Soccer: 🔥🚗 BARÇA PLAYERS choose and CUSTOMIZE their NEW CUPRA CARS

Awesome Tip: 🔥🚗 BARÇA PLAYERS choose and CUSTOMIZE their NEW CUPRA CARS

See how Barça players got to choose their brand new Cupra cars and customize them with endless options in the Cupra Car Fitting.

In partnership with Cupra
Official Automotive and Mobility partner of FC Barcelona:


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  1. Reply

    I’m commenting because Barca is broke

  2. Reply

    They out there like really a special seat, I gotta drive this

  3. Reply

    Is that a Cupra!!!!

  4. Reply

    Menos custodiar y vamos a ganarle al psg en París visca barca

  5. Reply

    Go and train you over paid clowns!!!!!!!

  6. Reply

    Imagine playing football and be given a free car cus this is your sponsor. Amazing

  7. Reply

    How are the players getting new cars when there performing shit

  8. Reply

    Yes give them cars give them money give them everything only to bottle in big games.

  9. Reply

    Hahahahahaha 4-1

  10. Reply


  11. Alguien sabe el nombre del modelo de los tenis de pique?

  12. Reply

    Barça: Ven leo a customizar tu cupra
    Messi: ehh yo no puedo tengo furbo

  13. Reply

    Insta de la minita?

  14. Reply

    :v el equipo juega en la liga española, la mayoría de jugadores tiene que aprender español :v y su canal es english humor xd

    • niels
    • February 21, 2021

    Messi be like. I have a nice car so i dont go there

  15. Reply

    Con lo guapos que estan los coches y luego te sacan ese filtro…. :')

  16. Reply

    Tesla from Wish

  17. Reply

    Why no Supra

  18. Reply

    Luego se quejan de que el barça no tiene un duro

  19. Reply

    A Sergiño Dest se le ve muy bien con un Cupra,seguro qué ya lo tendrá en su parking junto con los otros.

  20. Reply

    Big downgrade from Audi

  21. Reply

    Como pasan de bellos audis a estas cagadas?

  22. Reply

    Nigga copper cars never heard of them

  23. Reply

    BARCA: Let's get new cars

  24. Reply

    New player of FCbarcelona, MIA KHALIFA

  25. Reply

    why why this channel is english

  26. Reply

    Messi to cool for these cars

  27. Reply

    Sarah is really cute

  28. Reply

    A araujo le tienen que dar un lamborshini.que jugador!!!

  29. Reply


  30. Reply

    4:55 que grande riqui

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