Playin Soccer: BARÇA ON THE ROAD | Old Trafford Inside Tour

Awesome Tip: BARÇA ON THE ROAD | Old Trafford Inside Tour

On Wednesday we play at one of the most magical stadiums in the world: Old Trafford. Go behind the scenes of Manchester United’s stadium with us!

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  1. Reply

    What is the best stadium that you have ever visited?

  2. Reply

    Man Utd is better

  3. Reply

    She's a Barça fan but couldn't contain her excitement being at OT.

  4. Reply

    كم عربي هنا لايك

  5. Reply

    I know uh have big cheap stadium in Europe. .. even don't have roof…

  6. Reply

    I love Barcelona but I hate Barca's coach because his management in champion league is so weakness. And you all guys see before Barcelona didn't score to MAN U every pieces is so awesome but after Bercelona score, then they play like a shit! They should remember last yera quater final second- leg in Roma.They did the same like this, shit Coach ! shit coach

    • E A
    • February 8, 2021

    Great vidrom

  7. Reply

    Love you Dear

  8. Reply

    Btw where the benches were the tunnel that’s the old one

  9. Reply

    Forca Barca and ❌❌❌

  10. Reply

    her showing the place for bus and saying :"This is where bus is going to park" .Girl the bus is going to be parked in front of De Gea not at that place lol

  11. Reply

    Good luck Barcelona good luck Messi

  12. Reply


  13. Reply

    Glory man united

  14. Reply

    Go barca go!!!!

  15. Reply


  16. Reply

    Go to stadium glora bung karno indonesia

  17. hayaa hayaa maeaan ya ktlunia

  18. Reply

    Old Trafford is the bridge for Barca to the Semi.

  19. Reply

    Who else is waiting for the game like below

  20. Reply

    I want travelling man utd home ground

  21. Reply

    might be 74994 seater but its almost full for every game

  22. Reply

    Who guesses where is she from?

  23. Reply

    Welcome to SURE FIXED odds no chance of losing here DM on WhatsApp now+2347066915327

  24. Reply

    3:15 what's the name of this song

  25. Reply

    2-1 wins to man utd …at camp nou will be draw 1-1..mark my words

  26. Reply

    Ole's at the Wheel!!!

  27. Reply

    How much does she get paid?

  28. Reply

    Manchester United Home Games at Old Trafford are the hardest tickets to get, they are always usually sold out every single game. They need a bigger stadium so I can get a ticket when I need one. 75K is not big enough, probably need to upgrade to 100K or 120K.

  29. Reply

    1st leg old Trafford
    Man u:2-1:Barca
    2nd leg Camp Nou
    Barca:3-1Man u
    (Aggregate Barca:4-3:Man U

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    Improve your English

  31. Reply

    Vamos Barça messi por la 6ta bota

  32. Reply

    4-0 for barca

  33. Reply

    Please give her a camera stabilizer.

  34. Reply

    MU 1 VS BARCA 3..

  35. Reply

    I am so scared to face Barca tmrw and we’re not on good form

  36. Reply

    My 2 favorite clubs =))

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