Playin Soccer: Barça On The Road: ANFIELD INSIDE TOUR

Awesome Tip: Barça On The Road: ANFIELD INSIDE TOUR

The second leg of the Champions League semifinals will be played at Anfield on Tuesday. We’re only 90 minutes away from another Champions League final. See inside one of the most spectaculars stadiums of the Premier League: Anfield.

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  1. Who's ready for the second leg??? Força Barça!!

  2. 4:43 who realized it said Rob paisley on the floor

  3. Who is in 2020 when bayern munich won the champions league

    • Fxz
    • February 6, 2021

    Yea get fucked 4-0

  4. ANTES DE PERDER 4-0 :

  5. Why did we dont win it we sheet be the champions

  6. A year later, I love the fact that these barca fans thought they were gonna win, but nooooo

  7. Hey i’m a liverpool fan and at least they tried.

  8. 4-0

  9. Little did they know they were gonna get trashed
    Trent Alexander-Arnold: Prepare for trouble
    Divock Origi: and make that double

  10. 'we're only 90 minutes away from another Champions League final'
    Very quickly taken corner: no

  11. 4-0

  12. One of the best goals “corner taken quickly, ORIGI!

  13. barca lose liverpool won

  14. 0:19 emmm lady you might want to cut this scene out as you experienced the full power of Liverpool YNWA

  15. So much Hype for nothing huh? Thanks Dembele for missing that goal. Imagine that plane ride back home

    • Abhz
    • February 6, 2021

    Famous last words

  16. After the second leg in camp nou last week the players will come here and get the job done lfc 4 Barca 0

  17. Who's here after LFC 4-0 BAR!!!

  18. post ur humiliation please

  19. The girl: the Barcelona players will come here to finish the job and make it to the final

    Jürgen klopp: I am about to ruin this video for ever

  20. Horas antes de la tragedia

  21. Yo le entro a la chica


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