Playin Soccer: BARÇA MOVIE QUIZ | Sergi Roberto vs Denis Suárez

Awesome Tip: BARÇA MOVIE QUIZ | Sergi Roberto vs Denis Suárez

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  1. Reply

    I mean… Sergi watched Divergent? Oh my fangirl heart.

    • B È
    • February 21, 2021

    too short(

  2. Reply

    Alguem tiver

  3. Reply

    Odilon vende ….se faz contrato

  4. Reply

    SO PLS SOMEONE TELL MESSI THAT WE LOVE HIM AND WE WANT HIM TO DO A Challenge….. Or Barca Wmojis or The box think Or this movie questions type thing OR ALL of them(most recommended) PLS MESSSSSIIIIIIIII!

  5. Reply

    Hahaha como puede ser Tio! 5 de 5 Sergi!

  6. Reply

    Они просто да говорили

  7. Reply

    ❤Sergi Roberto❤

  8. Reply

    Johnny deeeeeeep

  9. Reply

    Isle of Water? 😀

  10. Reply

    برشا برشا

  11. Reply

    They seems to be really close

  12. Reply

    Messi and Barça ❤️

  13. Reply

    Please next messi and suarez

  14. Reply

    They know each other very well, hope they apply it in the pitch lol

  15. Reply

    Coloca as legendas no video concordao??

  16. Reply


  17. Reply

    Get the Barça ball back!

  18. Reply

    Why is the sleeve not matching the shorts and socks

  19. Reply

    Que bonitos ojos tiene sergi roberto.

  20. Reply

    Sergi ♥️ what a man

  21. Reply

    Please start denis in all games this time

  22. Reply

    I love both these guy's. 🙂

  23. Reply

    Suarez and Coutinho please

    • Mr. V
    • February 21, 2021

    will we ever see these 2 playing together in the midfield??

  24. Reply


  25. Reply

    Why was this so awkward

  26. Reply
  27. Reply

    Hola Barça

  28. Reply

    Goo to see they know each other so well

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