Playin Soccer: BARÇA LIVE | Sevilla 0 – 0 Barça | WARM UP & MATCH CENTER

Awesome Tip: BARÇA LIVE | Sevilla 0 – 0 Barça | WARM UP & MATCH CENTER

Barça Live brings you all the action LIVE from Estadio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán ahead of Barça’s La Liga clash with Sevilla!

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  1. Reply

    fuck off

  2. Reply

    The teeny-tiny greece summarily present because defense counterintuitively enjoy barring a male page. inexpensive, spiteful bronze

  3. Reply

    mon plus beaux cadeaux qui me feras plaisir dans ma life dégue nodou god is one africa one love

  4. Reply

    god is one the world one love freedom

  5. Reply

    I'm no 1 to say a big club lyk Barca
    Bt against atletico wt happen to greizman is totally shame full
    He is da world champion brca sign him he didn't sign himself
    Plssss treat our player lyk a family
    Cus he is one of da best
    Greizman u r one of da best show them wt u r capable of don't b sad or sumthk u r a warrior a love from India hail Barca ……

  6. Reply

    Bartoneu out

  7. Reply

    setien slumped down..fuck setien!!!
    Out setien..out..out..out..out..out..out

  8. Reply

    Espero ganar la Champions League como Messi❤❤

  9. Reply

    Where is PK!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hhhh

  11. Reply

    No creative midfield and proper wingers who can dribble and make clinical passes and create chances.. only messi can/has to do everything.. if possible need to sell all these average players with huge wage bills in this summer transfer window to find/buy players on the level of iniesta,Xavi like KDB, neymar,.. so on

  12. Reply

    IvanRakiticfootballcroatiaandLionelMessi- happybirthdaytoyou24.6. ,Wendy daskama at hong nsportclubfcbarcelonatuesdayontvisfcbarcelona- a.billbaoliveon22 oclockyouraketamessithebestineuropeinaworldiamlivingofmotherandsisterinbetifultownsibenikcroatiatownbasketballplayerbigdrazenpetrovicmozartheinskyheisangeldariosaricrakiticandraguelmaurithebestilovefootballbasketballSibenkafootbalkfcbarvelonacroatiaandsibenik- firsthnl

  13. Reply

    Una mierda o lo sacas o……

  14. Reply

    It was a pain to watch Messi play for the first time this season….Suarez was awful as always…hope we get a rebuild and win CL in 2021…winning the league seems difficult this season forget about UCL.

  15. Reply

    why is Bale wearing 4 and playing in midfield….oh…dang…it's Rakitic.

  16. Reply

    Messi. ♥️

  17. Reply


  18. Reply

    Sun ofdog..

  19. Reply


  20. Reply

    LIKE, because of two beautiful Ladies.

  21. Reply

    Cmon barca you can win!!!

  22. Reply

    As a fan of Barca, I think there are problems in build of the team. Or sth else. I don't know but I know there is a problem. And this Barca is far different from 2014(Win in Champions league)

  23. Reply

    Finally soccer is back

  24. Reply

    Adios la liga

  25. Reply

    The best player in the pitch was Rakitic,ngl
    And y'all haters gave him so much hate
    Anyway Setien's tactics need to be changed

  26. Reply

    Que paso amiguitos?
    "Adios Liga"

    Leyendas como Puyol, Henry, Xavi, Valdes, Eto'o, Ronaldinho etc… se han de sentir apenados en el fondo porque ellos llevaron al equipo a la gloria y este se ha convertido en la "Burla de toda Europa".

    Este equipo no transmite absolutanente nada… ni a corto, mediano o largo plazo.

  27. Reply

    The absence of a striker in Barça, which put pressure on the defense of the opponent, was evident in the game against Sevilla.

    The mood in Suarez is not at all!

    Louis learned to walk more after an injury. Playback within 90 minutes is in itself incomprehensible.

    As I said after the previous game, Barça needs a winger like Neymar or Dembele to break through the defense when the opponent is on the defensive.

    Sevilla played well against Barca. Lopotegi seems to have made great conclusions for himself from the previous series of major defeats. Although the game ended in a draw, he defeated Setien last night!

  28. Reply

    Did they even want to win this match, it kind of looked like they would be ok with the draw

  29. Reply

    Modern football have become more direct..just look at pep guardiola and his man city or Leipzig or any other good team , they all play direct football. The way they keep possession as well as play direct and do the transitions quickly..In these days only those teams win who plays direct, whose transitions are fast, who creates space fast, plays through wings..play crosses.. all have to attack not just 2 or 3 players…
    If we don't play direct & always play lot of useless possession sidewards and always try to find messi.. i m sure we gonna loose..
    Our transitions and counter attacks r too slow and predictible.. it's not gonna work against strong teams who can mark messi well..

  30. Reply

    Messi my favorite player

  31. Reply

    Quique Setien you suck really. How could you let Ansu Fati out and bring us a lot of midfielders. And the players have to stop to look only for Messi always. Everyone in the opposite side of the field is looking for Messi always; no one is taking risk. It's become annoying. Griezmann take 0 risk, he's useless in this Barça.

  32. Reply

    Лайв пиздежь каких-то непонятных людей, зачем? Лучше бы матч нормально стримили

  33. Reply

    My Channel is Manos Sky Trooper GR

  34. Reply

    Cómo por qué Setien puso ese medio campo? Entiendo que la exigencia física es altísima por los días que hay entre cada encuentro pero Rakitic de verdad no aporto nada, Busquets estuvo regular y Vidal estuvo bien en lo que cabe

  35. Reply

    Barcelona Messi Ronadinho Suarez Neymar ❤️

  36. Reply

    ¿Barcelona no ganó?

  37. Visca el barça

  38. Reply

    Take the ball, pass behind

  39. Reply


  40. Reply

    Lo mismo. NO ME ILUSIONO. nada a cambiado. Lo de siempre…… 100% dependencia de Messi. Sterteg salvandonos la vida, el tronco de pique corrige atrás y sale hablar para justificar un poco el mal juego, jordi alba aparece y desaparece. Busquet a docificarte como a Xavi e Iniesta en sus últimos partidos. Ese medio de hoy fue una locura . Que pasa con ansu, Arthur, collado porque no sentaron a Luis en vez de Martin b… Que rayos ven el entrenador y su cuerpo técnico. Que pretende la directiva. Las vacas sagradas ya no son los mismos de antes.. la liga peligra y la champions cualquier pintado nos manda a la calle.

  41. Reply

    Sir, you are going to sacrifice yourself and let yourself be conditioned by the directive. if it doesn't have the value go away

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