Playin Soccer: ⚽ BARÇA LIVE | FC BARCELONA 4-0 OSASUNA | Warm up & Match Center

Awesome Tip: ⚽ BARÇA LIVE | FC BARCELONA 4-0 OSASUNA | Warm up & Match Center

Join us for BARÇA LIVE from the Camp Nou this Sunday as Barça turn their attentions back to league action with the clash against Osasuna!

🔥 Barça Live: Live play-by-play coverage of the match.

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  1. I'll be the best player in history. Wait

  2. The vulgar self coherently tumble because ash radiologically mess up between a mature cabbage. knowing, alert squash

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  4. El club es español
    Por que todos los comentarios son en ingles

  5. lets go messi

  6. Здравствуйте
    У меня завтра День Рождения
    Немог ли игрок стартого состава посветить мне гол

  7. messi's respect to maradona

  8. All former and current Barca stars must support Laporta to become Barca president again and bring the club back to its former glory

  9. I appreciate barcelona winning this match but barcelona need to improve their defense . Their attacking and midfield is so good but if they improve their defense they are unstoppable

  10. The players moved well in spaces during the attack without the ball, but we can do much better in this case

  11. I think griezmann just avenged himself

  12. Link up goals by Brathwaite and Coutinho, missile launch by Griezmann and dribble pass goal by Messi ensured 3 points over Osasuna. But I am a bit tensed about Lenglet. Hope he doesn't get injured. And once again, RIP Diego. Thanks for everything.

  13. Dembele : It's time to play in FRANCE! Clearly YOU will never be treated fairly in LIGA, and your own team WON'T FIGHT FOR YOU.
    Those "R" slogans mean NOTHING.


  15. that win was for diego and for him lets win the ucl and li lga

  16. por q cara..coles no en Castellano.?

  17. MINGUEZA is Great like very great

  18. Hello Mr Koeman I would like to tell you that you need to sign SÖYÜNCÜ from Leicester City fc on January to replace piqué and lenglet

  19. I like how they train and they always travel

  20. Where is Umtiti ?? Haven't seen him & when does he recover ?

  21. You all didn't notice the hand of god try by messi

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