Playin Soccer: ⚽ BARÇA LIVE | BARÇA 2-2 VALENCIA | Warm up & Match Center

Awesome Tip: ⚽ BARÇA LIVE | BARÇA 2-2 VALENCIA | Warm up & Match Center

Join us LIVE from the Camp Nou for Barça’s next challenge against Valencia in La Liga!

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  1. Reply

    Fichar a MBAPPE

  2. Reply

    The girl Sarah is stupid. Does she understand the game?

  3. Reply

    Dope, keep up the good work

  4. Reply


  5. Reply

    who is this girl can someone tell me

    • Raúl
    • February 17, 2021

    A ver si tiramos un poquito desde fuera del área en vez de llegar a la frontal y dársela a Messi, que ya cualquier equipo sabe lo que van a hacer

  6. Reply

    to overcome the opponent's corner kick so it doesn't become a goal. Barcelona defender must have 2 people … who are beside the goalkeeper … on the right and left … to ward off the ball … so that the goalkeeper only focuses on warding off the ball in the middle.

  7. Reply

    how to fix Barcelona
    attack: Messi, Fati, Memphis/Martinez
    midfield: dejong, pedri (CM) Griezeman (CAM)
    defend: keep alba and dest, sell the rest and get new players

    barcelona needs to play open and make runs instead of attacking then passing it back. the attack is too crowded we got counter attacked so easily.

  8. Reply

    The wealthy aquarius consequently unite because attic endoscopically rock under a efficacious great-grandfather. red, zippy slime

  9. Reply

    Im a fan since the era of Romario, but now i quit, im Fed up with Koeman. I will be back if he is sacked. Damn it, we are heading to Europa Cup with this awful coach.

  10. Reply

    We need new defenders

  11. Reply


  12. Smga barca vs psg nti contino ikut main dan dembele .

  13. Reply

    We need new coach

  14. Reply

    Koeman out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out

  15. Reply

    Just when I thought we would be back with a blow, we suffered a hard blow to ourselves.

  16. Reply

    En HUESCA la gente es muy falsa envidiosa y mala, delante son amables y detras te joden. Si yo estoy mal tu tienes que estar peor, pero a la cara soy tu amigo.

  17. Reply

    Koeman out now! Griezmann is a player that excels on the left and this stupid coach keeps on forcing him to play on the right. The whole team hates this coach. Messi is not even trying, not because he does not have skills but because he just is tired of deadbeat coaches. I bet he will score one more goal with Barca and then look to go to the PSG in January. The only thing that could save this team is to bring Xavi as the new coach and have the team go back to basics. It will be the greatest motivational move for the whole team.

  18. Reply

    even though he has some issues with puig so what he is a football manager he has to keep these things aside and do what is best for the club

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  20. Барса ТОП

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    I think we should thank Ter stegan. We could have lost by 4-2 but his two impressive blocks didn't let it be done. Araujo was also superb. No other player impressed me as Araujo did.

  23. Reply

    Crazy how the coach who was a defender can't coach the defense -_-

  24. Reply

    Please make defence strong

  25. Reply

    koeman out

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