Playin Soccer: ⚽ BARÇA LIVE | BARÇA 1-4 PSG | Match Center | The Champions League returns! 🏆

Awesome Tip: ⚽ BARÇA LIVE | BARÇA 1-4 PSG | Match Center | The Champions League returns! 🏆

Join us LIVE from the Camp Nou as Barça return to European competition in the #UCL against Paris Saint-Germain!


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  1. I love seeing their faces fall down. It's really entertaining.

  2. 1:24:54 they didn't know what was about to come.

  3. We back barca back if god will

  4. Messi lost interest in Baarca so why shoouldn't you leave Messi he is frustrated of be in

  5. CHEH !!!

  6. Jajajaajajajajajaja. 1-4

  7. With NEYMAR will give PSG for Barcelona 10 -1

  8. Jaja

  9. Gooooooool

  10. Hei loosers what you waiting from barca and messi, this is a normally at barca loose 4 -1 , its not anymore top club, its just some middle ranking club, don't wait something special because its not.

  11. Ola

  12. Psg win Barcelona out

  13. Hala PARIS

  14. Messi 8-2 stay at Barca for 4-1 more season

  15. Go psg

  16. This is the most subscribed youtube channel of any football club but worst among all.
    Why the hell you never post Laliga and UCL highlights? We don't want to see their shit reaction.

  17. Yes, Psg win, Psg is a boss. Barca is loser

  18. SUAREZ….

  19. Messi should go to mancity

  20. No aytekin robbery, no party
    VARsa only win when they steal

  21. U Guys were my childhood club and Messi was my idol going with u all the way

  22. Looks like Messi can't stay 4-1 more season with Barca

  23. posesion larga! pu…….tossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  24. Busquet forgot to bring his motorcycle to stop mbappe

  25. Messi psg

  26. 2:29:44 what is her name please

  27. Bad performance Barca.

  28. Fuera MUERTOS…

  29. 2:06:29 it’s not that easy Ms. Guardiola

  30. As a Madrista, I hold my breath before I talk crap lol my team has been looking soft. Atlalanta is scary.

  31. Este equipo, las directivas y los jugadores son una vergüenza. Tras 30 años de seguir al Barsa tengo que replantearme si de verdad me sigo identificando con este equipo y con las pésimas decisiones que han llevado a este desastre económico y deportivo. La situación de Messi es algo asqueroso. No se pueden amar los colores de un equipo así.

    • B
    • February 23, 2021

    The golden boy: MBAPPE

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