Playin Soccer: BARÇA GOALS | Ronaldo (1996-97)

Awesome Tip: BARÇA GOALS | Ronaldo (1996-97)

Don’t miss all Ronaldo’s goals with Barça during the 1996-97 season.
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    • hywa
    • February 23, 2021


  1. This man can predict your future

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    Best player of all time

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  4. He offside 555

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    Messi: skill, Cristiano Ronaldo: Strength, Ronaldo: skill and strength! Ronaldo was another level! At the age of 17 he debuted for the national team and at the age of 20 he won the golden ball, being elected the best player in the world, being the youngest player in history to achieve this feat. If it weren't for the knee injury, it would be better in the world not 3, but many other times .. I'm Brazilian and I'm proud that Ronaldo is from my country and defended our team and represented Brazil around the world, through his great soccer! PS: I liked the soundtrack =)

    Messi: habilidade, Cristiano Ronaldo: Força, Ronaldo: habilidade e força! Ronaldo era outro patamar! Com 17 anos estreou pela Seleção e com 20 anos ganhou a bola de ouro, sendo eleito o melhor jogador do mundo, sendo o jogador mais novo da história a alcançar tal feito. Se não fosse a lesão no joelho, seria melhor do mundo não 3, mas muitas outras vezes.. Sou brasileiro e tenho orgulho do Ronaldo ser do meu país e ter defendido a nossa seleção e ter representado o Brasil pelo mundo, através do seu grande futebol! PS: Gostei da trilha sonora =)

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    Me: watching video with no sound. Wow, great video Turns on sound OH CHRIST HELP MY EARS OMG

    • Akhil
    • February 23, 2021

    This is why R9 is the most Idolized Footballer among Footballers and Football Legends.

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    I wonder how much he would be worth if he played football today?

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    No wonder Zidane rated him the best he has played with or against!!

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    So good I will be just as good or better.

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    Stoychkov jogou com Romário e com o Ronaldo… Que privilegiado

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    Overpowered forward! Speed and agile like cheetah, power and aggresion of Iberian bull.
    Offense 19
    Speed 19
    Dribbling 19
    Shoot 18

    • hywa
    • February 23, 2021

    I hope I can be just as good or preferable better.

    • Yuri
    • February 23, 2021

    If Ronado played with good company like Messi did on historic Barça with Guardiola with legends like Iniesta and Xavi, he might scored 91 goals to like Messi did.

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    Ronaldo Speed: 99

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    Solo Ronaldo Fenomeno riusciva a garantirci questo spettacolo…che nostalgia !

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    Just as good as me at soccer.

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    Barca legend? I’m not sure about that 0:01

    • David
    • February 23, 2021

    IMO the most talented player ever in his prime. Yes unfortunately we may not even have seen his prime because of his horrible injury and yes Messi and CR7's consistency over the years is next level greatness. But with all this too be R9 this season with Barca was the best player ever, he pace and power of CR7 with the intricate touch like Messi. Unreal player.

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    I call him the fat ronaldo or the other ronaldo

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    Nothing superb overrated

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    Esse Barcelona ganhou 4 títulos; recopa da UEFA,super copa da europa,copa do Rei e super copa da Espanha

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    • B. O
    • February 23, 2021

    This man won the BALLON DOR at 20!!!!!!

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    He should have stayed in Barca

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    The goal vs Compostela at 1:52 … maybe the best individual goal ever scored. In the original TV coverage of this, the camera cut to Sir Bobby Robson on the touch line…his hands are clasped on his head, and the look on his face, as if he cannot believe what he’s just witnessed. Iconic.

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    People keep saying injuries….after hes injuries he chose to get fat and party and not show up to training…its his fault. Messi is the GOAT, R9 is top 3

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    They sold him when he scored 34 goals in a season. What a shame

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    Machine man.. alien… God.. Unstoppable.. Killer….. etc

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    He could be Barça’s idol.

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    He wanted to stay, but the club did not allow him to.
    People made the dumbest decisions sometimes…

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    The music ruins the video seriously

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    Wtf is this soundtrack, completely unsuitable

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    lagends….real Ronaldo.

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    • Zed
    • February 23, 2021

    Shittest music I've ever heard on a football vid and there's some crap one's out there but this tops them all.

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    Look at the assistant – OK
    Look at the goalkeeper – OK
    Into the nets – OK

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    3 goals were offside

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    Na posição dele nunca vai existir outro, para sempre Ronaldo fenômeno

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    Pra driblar o goleiro e a linha de zaga igual ele fazia , nenhum outro fez

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    Brasil porra

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    My all time favorite player. The only and the true RONALDO

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    There's no all goals

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    Ronaldo Phenomeno o melhor que vi jogar

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