Playin Soccer: Barça – Getafe (2-0) | BARÇA LIVE | Warm Up & Match Center 🔥

Awesome Tip: Barça – Getafe (2-0) | BARÇA LIVE | Warm Up & Match Center 🔥

Follow the pre-game warmup with English commentary, followed by live play by play of the match.

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  1. Yes

  2. Welcome

  3. Kkk

  4. 95% comments = Valverde Out.

    Valverde out.

  5. Xaaxaxaxaa Barcelonaaaa Liverpool Good Footbol

  6. I love Barcelona ❤⚽

  7. Valverde is not a good coach for Barcelona football club.Sack him!

  8. Valverde go

  9. I love messi


  11. VALVERDE OUT! We don't even care about copa del rey anymore! And don't sell Coutinho, he's a good player but in the wrong place. VALVERDE OUT! no need to wait one more day! Look at the other clubs, when they're coach failed just one time, they're sacked! I don"t understand why the board still keep him after those 2 remondatas!


  13. Fuera Valverde! Valverde out!


  15. Valverde out

  16. This season = failure! We wanted the ucl trophy

    • m i
    • February 19, 2021

    Barcelona can we please boycott this shit barcelona lets unsubscribe stop going to watch barcelona until they sack Valvede and replace Messi as captain!!!

  17. Coutinho out
    Suarez out
    Valverde out
    These name not barca family

  18. Those FC Barcelona audiences and fans who were booing messi, just stop it. Because, though he played below his level at anfield but he is the best player that night for FC Barca. He created chances but it's a team again and if the strikers and other attacking midfielders can't scores and defenders make mistake than what he will do. The coach playing wrong team in midfield he using less attacking mind players than the defensive one. His tactics were also lead us to the defeat. Messi drag FC Barcelona to la liga trophy and copa del rey and also semi final of ucl. Mind it without him FC Barcelona are like real betis or villarreal seriously. In many matches this season because of messi FC barcelona won or drew. For example against sevilla, valencia and Lyon etc many other matches. Show respect to the man. Without him FC Barcelona is nothing literally. Show respect to all the players of FC Barcelona. Of the coach is not capable of coaching FC Barcelona and so he needs to be sacked.

  19. Y'all need to sign Ronaldo!! ASAP!!

  20. Please.. Valverde out, coutinho out, vermaelen out, malcom out.

  21. Força Barça! 2019 – 2020 season will be much better!
    Until end of time do us apart! Barça, Barça, Barçaaa!!

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