Playin Soccer: BARÇA FACES | Samuel Umtiti

Awesome Tip: BARÇA FACES | Samuel Umtiti

Samuel Umtiti is the latest player to take the Barça Faces challenge! How many of his teammates can the defender find hidden in these hilarious portraits?!


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    • N J
    • February 4, 2021

    La respuesta sería umtiti a todo

  2. Reply

    0:50 Sergio ramos jajaajaja

  3. Reply

    umtiti eres el mejor defensa del mundo

  4. Reply

    Bartomeu OUT!
    No nos olvidamos.

  5. Reply

    Barca Barca

  6. Reply

    Don’t sell him

  7. Reply

    I love him!

  8. Reply

    Gracias por pasarte por mi canal

  9. Reply

    recruitment mane

  10. Reply

    Big Sam Warrior!

  11. Reply

    Like si la temporada q viene quieres el tridente neymar hallan y leo messi

  12. Reply

    Barça emojis?????????

  13. Reply

    World Gets Infected By Covid 19

    Fc Barcelona : Barca Faces !

  14. Reply

    Love these Videos cause I try to guess but I’m usually wrong but still love these

  15. Reply

    who Umtiti think is the player

  16. Reply

    Parece que tiene orgasmos a cada rato Umtiti jajajas

  17. Reply

    Umtiti crackkkk

  18. Reply


  19. Reply

    Umtiti yeah

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