Playin Soccer: BARÇA EMOJIS: Umtiti & Dembélé

Awesome Tip: BARÇA EMOJIS: Umtiti & Dembélé

Samuel Umtiti and Ousmane Dembélé are this week’s players taking part in the Barça Emojis game! See the two blaugrana Frenchmen as they attempt to define each on of their teammates with a different emoticon! What will they assign to Leo Messi? And the captain, Andrés Iniesta? What about their compatriot, Lucas Digne? On top of all that, Umtiti must choose one for Dembélé—and vice versa! Don’t miss this hilarious video!
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  1. مكتوب بالعربي كيف

  2. لا اله الا الله

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    بوبي بويكا

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    ardaya ne vermişler ona bakıp çıkıyorum

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  6. ليش كاتب بالعربي المرة هاي

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    Yerry saca los pasos prohibidos de Colombia XD

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    et moi je suis marocain Salam ana omar el ammari ana Arabie walakin ejije Elia le français

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    Et j'aime aussi le français et je n'aime pas l'anglais

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    j'aime le barça

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    I love barça

  12. شحوالك بعد اخر مانش

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    Who’s here in 2021

  14. 20/13

  15. انا اعشق برشلونة لكن نريد تقوية للفريق بضم لاعبين

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    because they always put the crown on Messi, he said I know a crack, a pive, our maradona but imagine that Leo himself wears a crown it would be weird no, you think the same

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    King Leo Messi

  18. Umtiti habla como viejo xd

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    عاش البولكرانا❤️ميسي

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  23. The basketball is upside down

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    dembele is like the kawhii leonard of football

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    Dembele ⚡

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    Messi Barça

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    Is it me only get Recommended by youtube

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    Like si no sabes ingles pero igual los lees

  29. اللهم صل و سلم على سيدنا محمد

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    Why Suarez and the burger?

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