Enjoy a special liveshow for the preview of Barça – Dinamo, Matchday 3 of the 2021/22 Champions League campaign.


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  1. Koeman Out!!!!!!!!

  2. Fuera Koeman

  3. Koeman out…..
    Koeman out….

  4. Alves contra el Sevilla, Roberto contra París, Pique contra Kíev, trobo gols Realment preciós

  5. No possession football in mid field especially in the final third

  6. O Islã é a religião da verdade. Eles evitam publicar a convocação islâmica porque é o direito e querem impor sua opinião aos povos através da mídia de Satanás e seus seguidores.

  7. Islam is the true religion

  8. Perfavor Ronald,Donali continuitat a Coutinho….

  9. KOEMAN OUT!!!!

  10. Wrf ansu fati did in the match omg he make me angry

  11. Koman OUT

  12. "Todo lo que merece la pena enseñar puede ser presentado de distintas maneras. Estas múltiples maneras pueden hacernos utilizar nuestras inteligencias múltiples".

    Howard Gardner

  13. Koeman out Out out Out out

  14. That was THE WORST performance of all time in football history. Yall should be ashamed. Players had no drive, they put no soul into their actions and just barely survived from a mediocre team.

  15. Koeman out

  16. Koeman outt

  17. Con resultados insatisfactorios, Koeman debe salir inmediatamente del barça, antes de que el barça se rompa mientras está en manos de koeman.

  18. This performes by barca was bad… But atleast pique scored a goal and he a bit faster than the last game. Memphis was also a bit improve with his passing, he not selfish. But the player that need to improve is Ansu,Frenkie,Luuk and Gavi.

  19. Koeman OUT!!!

  20. Koaman is not a coach, he has no formation, he has no spirit, he discourages the team, he waste money in rubbish players, he font know how to make a substitute, he has a winning team but has no style and hope for the team, imagine starting with aguero, fati and stupid depay, it will be better today but he just gamble with a barcelona team and soon he will go from the back and start begging stupid laporta who used the great messi for his stupid election to give him more chance while barca is really going down every day …

  21. Bayern Munich Liverpool teams kings of goals

  22. Senza Messi zero Barcelona zero zero zero

  23. What a mess game. They had better team-up play. 1-0 = 3 poin but still -5

  24. Dynamo kyif Morti players senza idea di calcio zero

  25. Mafia 1.0 mafia players shit and chip

  26. Barcelona win 1 goal…..hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahaha

  27. Very bored game

  28. Senza Messi normal team fati zero all players no quality Barcelona Messi king only

    • FFH
    • October 21, 2021

    After Madrid's 5-0 last night and watching us struggle offensively vs Dynamo Kiev, I have my worries for El Clasico.

    Form usually doesn't play a part in these games but knowing it's Ancelotti v Koeman is my biggest worry. A proven coach vs a mediocre coach with no tactics

  29. For the love of the game, Barca this is just sad now, we don’t deserve to get to the next stage of the Cl

  30. 1-0 against great dynamo GJ XDDDD

  31. Koeman out

  32. Eeeh please return Mae Rostro to the studio

    • S N
    • October 21, 2021

    Coutinho and Fati coming positive changes

  33. Fuck de jong

    • AM
    • October 21, 2021

    Even an unfit aguero would be a better frontman then fully fit luuk de jong

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