Playin Soccer: Barça celebrates the 2018/19 LaLiga title at Camp Nou

Awesome Tip: Barça celebrates the 2018/19 LaLiga title at Camp Nou

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  1. Reply

    3 games away from trebel

  2. Reply

    Quien sige jugando al PES 2019?

  3. Reply

    El ultimo gran barca 🙁

  4. Reply

    Who’s here after Suarez rakitic Vidal and semedo

  5. Reply

    man i miss that feeling

  6. Reply

    35:44 yeah He is Suarez son

  7. Reply

    Ter stegen ich liebe in ich spiele auch torwad

  8. Reply

    Song title 13:25?

  9. Reply

    Pep, infliltrado

  10. Reply

    Y acá sufriendo del 2021..

  11. Reply


  12. Reply

    Who here after Barca defense kept choking against Liverpool Bayern and Athletic Club in Supercopa final
    Especially Jordi Alba Busquets and Lenglet
    I miss the days when we won something

  13. Reply

    محاكم النقض الاستئناف ٩٥كيلوبايت

  14. Reply

    37:20 no DNA test needed.

  15. Reply

    easy trophy for Boateng) 1 match in LALiga ahah

  16. Reply

    Our happiness

  17. Reply

    30:39 cual es el nombre de esa canción?

  18. Reply

    Lol ik how great this feeling is after I won the under 9 MLS tournament first division league

  19. فيسكا برشلونة ان شاء الله لقب دوري الإسباني 2021 برشلوني بحق محمد وآل محمد

  20. Reply

    Alv varCelonista

  21. Reply

    The debonair arm clinicopathologically count because greece conclusively entertain through a fast transport. decorous, obnoxious hill

  22. Reply

    This year hope happens againt <3 visa barca <3

  23. Reply

    Ponele voluntad hinchada ponele voluntad

  24. Reply

    But they lost it next season

  25. Reply

    missing valverde..man got hate that he didnt deserved

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