Playin Soccer: Barça celebrates double with their families

Awesome Tip: Barça celebrates double with their families

A celebration for all ages. Not only in the stands of the Camp Nou ​​but also on the pitch, as the first team players were accompanied by their children. All had a great time singing, taking photographs with the cups and watching the fireworks.

Thiago Messi and Milan Piqué are used to such events, but it was a new experience for Martina (Alcácer), Piero (Jordi Alba), María (Coutinho) and Luana (Semedo). On what was a very special and emotional day, they also enjoyed the tribute to Iniesta along with his children Valeria, Paolo Andrea and Siena
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  3. just a UCL was needed nd the treble to offer to iniestas farewell

  4. Barcelona team is tough to beat

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  22. Did anyone realize evryone was wearing iniesta except for the kids who were wearing there dads kit XD

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    Leo con Mateo xD

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