Playin Soccer: BARÇA & AUDI | What does an alien do in the dressing room?

Awesome Tip: BARÇA & AUDI | What does an alien do in the dressing room?

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  1. Plot twist: The aliem is Bartomeu

  2. Barcelona vs Liverpool 0-4 that result was really out of this world

  3. Suarez hiding Messi's shirt had me laughing lmaooooo

  4. Next year, we will win the TREBLE!!!

  5. ラキティッチ聞く気ないやん

  6. The "alien" is Lionel Messi!

  7. Liverpool elo benc

  8. Is that messi brother

  9. that alien should meet messi

  10. En el Barcelona si que hay una Alien y se llama Leonel Andres Messi

  11. After the liverpool comeback, aliens cry in the dressing room.

  12. Messi Messi donde está, el Liverpol vos paso por arriba, Messi Messi, ajajajajajajajajajajajaj

  13. 4 -0

  14. Cómo el Barça ve a Messi :v

  15. 4-0 :v

  16. Lose to Liverpool.

  17. 4☻

  18. Em how did Messi go from alien to a shadow/ghost at anfield. Up the pool.

  19. 4-0

  20. Why does Messi look like Özil?

  21. Messi time to go home…

  22. It's Messi?

  23. Dear diary, i saw an Alien speaking in Spanish today.

  24. Allez Allez Allez

  25. Messi:mr Suarez I don’t feel so good

  26. Messi prove to be a alien

  27. Stop acting like you never seen Messi before

  28. Mae soy yo o ese alien es igual a Paul jajajajaja

  29. Messi actually from titans aka thanos home.

    Thanos mission is gather all 6 stones.
    Mission complete ✔

    Messi mission is destroy all top 6 english club. Mission complete ✔

  30. Sembra Roger

  31. He's tryna to take his friend back, i mean lionel messi

  32. Suarez hiding Messi’s jersey is so cool lmao

  33. alien scored a freekick

  34. Yo pense que venian a recoger a MESSI☄

  35. Porque Messi está sin su disfraz de humano regañando a sus compañeros?

  36. Messi the KİNG

  37. Türkler beğensin

  38. 0:30 Sergio says he can’t levitate but little does the alien know about his diving

  39. Nice acting by messi

  40. Busquets looks so funny in the whole commercial. I really liked his acting.

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