Playin Soccer: Barça Academy – The Top 10 goals made in La Masia in to 2016

Awesome Tip: Barça Academy – The Top 10 goals made in La Masia in to 2016

Over the last twelve months we have been providing you with our weekly top ten of the best goals from the youth, reserve and women’s football teams at the club – and now we have picked the pick of the picks – the top ten academy goals of 2016. And here they all are in this exclusive video!
The ten goals come to you courtesy of: Héctor Fort –U12C-, Iker Bravo –U12A-, Iker Almena –U14B and the only player to appear twice in the list-, Robert Navarro –U16B-, Pablo Moreno –U16A-, Carles Pérez and Guillem Jaime –U19A-, Rafa Mújica –Barça B but officially U19- and Pilar Garrote –Women’s B-.

Termina un nuevo año donde los jugadores de la cantera del FC Barcelona nos han deslumbrado con sus actuaciones. Durante este 2016 las diferentes categorías del fútbol base azulgrana han logrado muchos triunfos, goles y éxitos. Para afrontar el 2017 con el máximo de ilusión y optimismo, hemos hecho una recopilación con los mejores diez goles de los últimos 12 meses. Desde los más pequeños hasta el Barça B tienen cabida todas las categorías del fútbol formativo del Club, incluyendo la presencia del equipo femenino.
Los autores de los goles del Top-10 que hemos seleccionado son: Héctor Fort -Alevín C-, Iker Bravo -Alevín A-, Iker Almena -Infantil B y único jugador que repite en la lista-, Robert Navarro -Cadete B-, Pablo Moreno -Cadete A-, Carles Pérez y Guillem Jaime -Juvenil A-, Rafa Mújica -del Barça B pero con ficha del Juvenil- y Pilar Garrote -del Femenino B-.
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    sir kindly take my trial , I am a kid from india , sir I want to get an opportunity to show world that there are Indians who have guts to face other players

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    hey fc barcelona can i come to your youth academy plz

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  5. If anyone wants, they can watch my seven videos. One of them is a guest appearance on national television (in Serbian). Quarantine training, club training and competition. If anyone wants, they can follow me and Like the videos. One video was taken from a series of photos before and during the match. Thank you. I hope there aren't many mistakes I write via google translate 🙂

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    Few decent goals

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    0:26 Carles Perez now plays in first team

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    Carles Perez

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    Lb digne cb legnet cb umtiti rb semedo cm lucas peres cm alena cm xavi simons lw fati st navarro rw kubo

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    these guys and girls are good. the future is bright!

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    I porque comprar el jogador de Santos?!..

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    Your just going to sell your best players now Barcelona just for money and there going to go from Barcelona to somewhere like F.C Porto!

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    2:37 Hello Darkness My Old Friend :(((

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    que juga

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    0:47 Robert Navarro Now joins AS Monaco
    1:23 Pablo Moreno Now in Juventus

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    A lot of Talent

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    nice match

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    força Barça

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    força Barça

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    Espero que respondas a mi pedido. Hay un jugador de fútbol de 13 años de (Palestine _ Gaza). ¡Tiene un gran talento futbolístico a pesar de la pobreza! Y le deseo a Barcelona que le proporcione viajes para jugar en la Academia de Amassia y en el club de Barcelona alentados por ♥ espere su respuesta

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    Only for lamasia I'm 10 years old

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    I'm coming Pakistan to Barcelona

    • Josh
    • February 3, 2021

    Barcelona sign me because I play for Philadelphia Junior I wear number ten and I’m only 10 years old

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    Donde está Manu? Brazilian

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    Iker Almena though…tekkers.

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    hey FC Barcolona
    My Name is Zohaib Virk and I live in Faisalabad, Punjab , Pakistan and I am a very good player of Football and I want to join your academy and this is my dream.
    Can I join your academy ? and what will I do for joining your academy ?

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    Georgian talent only 8 years old and so smart !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rr9E1s6IBU

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    Pruebemen no se arrepentíran se los juro

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    i am 10

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    can i be in your team

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