Playin Soccer: BARÇA 5-1 MADRID | Enjoy a VIP Clásico

Awesome Tip: BARÇA 5-1 MADRID | Enjoy a VIP Clásico

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  1. Reply

    I can't wait to see Ansu Fati & Coutinho play el clasico this Saturday

  2. Reply

    Could any of you tell me how much money does it cost this VIP lounge?

  3. Reply

    The prety system and pretycool stadium.. when indonesia can like this…boom

  4. Reply

    Visca barchelona

  5. Reply

    I ♡ Barça. Visca Catalunya!

  6. Reply

    best messi in the world? yesssss sure

  7. Reply

    Messi is pro

  8. Reply

    Gollllll ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

  9. Reply

    Gollllll ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

  10. Reply

    كتلوني عشقي

  11. Reply

    One day I will go there..
    Visca el barca

  12. Reply

    mes que en club

  13. Reply

    baghdad bounedjah avan centre welcome to Barcelone

  14. Reply

    Lol. VIP?? The only VIP here is D10S.

  15. Reply

    Visça por siempre Barça!!!

  16. Reply

    The biggest football channel on youtube

  17. Reply

    Ooo Mai gudness….5-1 is tuu mach gays….

  18. Reply

    Poneros las pilas contra el Atleti coño ¡!¡

  19. Reply

    The life we deserve

  20. Reply

    290th comment

  21. خمسة

  22. Reply

    o ignacio gomez
    es para una tarea

  23. Reply

    quien carajo es victoria martí

  24. Reply

    Lo que hace el money

  25. Reply

    Football is not football anymore …… throw in money and u ruin what was once beautiful ! This is a game for the streets not shitty rich ppl private VIP lounge …. money ruins everything !!! Everything …

  26. Reply

    So 123 fans are Madridsta

    • R N
    • February 21, 2021

    Ole ole ole barcaaaa ole

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