Playin Soccer: BARÇA 2-0 INTER MILAN | Match preview

Awesome Tip: BARÇA 2-0 INTER MILAN | Match preview

FC Barcelona and Inter Milan square off on Wednesday night in a battle for first place in the UEFA Champions League’s so-called ‘group of death,’ in which the …


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  1. visca barca!

  2. Messi will be missed in san siro

  3. Messi

  4. 13 years Barca fan im so proud VISCA BARCA

  5. Lets bring Icardi next season?

  6. Missing Messi! But it's good to see How Barca is playing without him! Love all

  7. Fuck

  8. lioeznttooooooooo soiraz

  9. Malcom?

  10. Força Barça

  11. Real

  12. Denis & Malcom ? Where’re they ?

  13. Quien puso él titulo y como sabia que iba a ganar él barca 2-0

  14. Today is not 10, captain and maximum referent of FC Barcelona. Today he is a father enjoying a UEFA Champions League match with his son. IN THE OTHER SIDE.

  15. Arthur me enamora por favor balón de oro

  16. #ValverdiOut still

  17. Barca miss you messi

  18. Tifo

  19. Io sono della juve però contro l'inter Tivo il Barcellona

  20. Messi not play?

  21. ممكن تجيبون مرسيال. قوي ممكن تجيبون مرسيال

  22. Valverde OUT

  23. Messsi is injured but messi is not stopping football messi will play football forever and messi is the best player in the wrold and messi is my favourite player and messi will always be my favourite i love him

  24. welcome home,icardi

  25. 1 hour to go!

  26. Visça el Barça…SIEMPRE

  27. someone can explain to me where is malcom?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  28. İ think Barca will lost 2-1
    İ hope We will win

  29. I Miss You Leo Messi

  30. Barca is not only Messi

  31. Forza Inter peace to Barcelona fans ✌

  32. malcom malcom malcom malcom malcom malcom malcom malcom malcom malcom ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  33. Que de todo en la cancha Barcelona con leo osin leo vamos con todo

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