Playin Soccer: BARÇA 1-1 TOTTENHAM | Match preview

Awesome Tip: BARÇA 1-1 TOTTENHAM | Match preview

The Champions League is back this Tuesday with the final game of the group phase of the competition. On Monday Ernesto Valverde named his 19 man squad …


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    Messi Suarez Coutinho

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    Fuera barca

    • Nidzz
    • February 16, 2021

    Don't forget to keep a subtitle when non English conversations

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    Come on mr valverde rakitic in the starting line up again while others are resting;; u are just killing him plz rotate him

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    ub to talk fcb

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    Iniesta vas in the bench and watching them train

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    No mercy. Send them back to join Arsenal and Chelsea!

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    Ousmane dembele is a very good player and better than neymar junior

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    I am supoorter of inter please destroy Tottenham !!!

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    Messi should do rest

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    Who saw iniesta at the back

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    Good luck !

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    Barca ole 2 0

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    3 a 0 los de goles de lionel messi

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    I can see it inesta wants to play

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    Mes que un club

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    I think they are gonna play Denis on either wings……. Cause he was training crosses!

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    Let's go out there n show them no mercy Barca win all z way

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    Get Iniesta on the pitch

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    Mes que un club

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    Vamos Barcelona ……. Visça Barça

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    Who came here after watching iniesta return?

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