Playin Soccer: Back to work to prepare the Champions League match against Inter

Awesome Tip: Back to work to prepare the Champions League match against Inter

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  1. Reply

    And the training pair of cause they won

  2. Reply

    Barcelona without Messi like the ground without rain
    … Reality !!!!

  3. Reply

    Plz give a chance to denis

  4. Reply

    I am so sad and so worry barca without the king messi but we can still do it and win every game because we are the best team in the world ever, visca barca goodluck guys , God be with you barca team and bless you

  5. Reply

    Where is she?

  6. Reply

    Waiting for Messi from #India

  7. Reply

    Denis Munir Malcom
    Samper Vidal
    Alba Lenglet Monchu Roberto

    Play for the draw, preserve energy for the clasico

  8. Reply

    GK Team vs other' GK Team scoreline

  9. Reply

    Go barca

  10. Reply

    Malcom yasss

  11. Reply

    Messi is the king of football

  12. Reply

    malcom let him play please

  13. Reply

    Get well very soon messi!

  14. Reply

    Forca barca barca

  15. Reply

    Pls we need Malcom

  16. Reply

    Post a video on messi's injury

  17. Reply

    I was just remember that messi arent there

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