Playin Soccer: Back to work as attention turns to league matters

Awesome Tip: Back to work as attention turns to league matters

Tuesday’s Champions League match winners were back on the training pitch today, preparing for Saturday’s visit to Real Sociedad.
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  1. Que diferencia de los entrenamientos de valverde a los de quique

  2. bart out … valverde out … laporta welcome … game plan and beauty football welcome

  3. Valverde out

  4. Semedo back. Better from Barca?

  5. Who else thinks MSG is gonna score today….like

  6. Who else think MSG is gonna be better than MSN …like

  7. Valverde Out!!!

  8. Griezman is much smart than Dumbele, I am sure he will contribute much more than Dumbele. Dumbele is slow thinking, lazy, always position himself wrong and not as skillful as Griezman. Even Dumbele is fast pace, Barcelona is not a conter-attack team. Why Barcelona need a injure-prone Dumbele more than a hard working, smart player?

  9. From 1974 and still love barca

  10. Como to galatasaray messi

  11. Si son españoles porque ponen el título en inglés

  12. Subir entrenos @FC Barcelona

  13. Artur, de Jong, Arturo Vidal para el clásico fuerza Barcelona……

  14. Keep robbing in europe. Good job. Who will be the team that is going to have to play against Barcelona and the referee this year in the champions league?
    We will discover it soon…

  15. ليووووووو الحب

  16. Vs Real Sociedad we need Vidal, De Jong and Arthur in the begining of the match, please Ernesto

  17. Fuera Valverde, ya arruinó mucho al Barca con su pasividad.

  18. Messi and griez what I’d like to see

  19. هذا فريقي وهذا قلبي Barca

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