Playin Soccer: Back to training with Luis Suárez doing recovery work

Awesome Tip: Back to training with Luis Suárez doing recovery work

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  1. Suarez is the best

  2. Whis here after Malcom left:(

  3. suàrez eres un mi idiol

  4. malpougra

  5. Posetoliro

  6. Proud to be a fan of Barcelona

  7. This training video was so peaceful

  8. R.I.P man u

  9. no veo a messi

  10. CL

  11. Suárez bajaste de peso.. ¡excelente!.

  12. Suarez is a great forward, he always gets the ball under Barca's control. Hope he gets on form soon

  13. I think Valverde have to give Malcom a chance, keepin’ him in the bench is watse his talent. Respect him much!

  14. Força LS9

  15. Where Messi?¿???

  16. Loan Malcom and Todibo to Ajax

  17. Keep it up Suàrez! Keep doing with the same zeal!

  18. Nice

  19. Тикайте с городу, лев вернулся

  20. I feel bad for malcolm, prince who ever gets chances like those who had plenty and still did nothing.. these benchers deserved more

  21. Lenglet is a great defender and one of the best in FC Barcelona like if u agree

  22. Pistolero killer

  23. Umtiti scored!!!

  24. Coutinho should back in form

  25. Get well soon

  26. Fan messi

  27. Get well soon we need you we miss you in CL EL Pistelero

  28. Come On

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