Playin Soccer: Attacking and Defending 1v1 Soccer Drills

Awesome Tip: Attacking and Defending 1v1 Soccer Drills

Started off with some passing exercises to get touches on the ball. Worked on some 1v1s. Progressed from passive defending, to live play, to 1v1 with a recovering defender. Finished with some 1v1 to goal and then some quick finishing exercises. Enjoy!

Wish You Were Here by Joakim Karud x Dyalla
Music provided by Audio Library


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    Cool drills! I also have a question/tip (mainly question): Wouldn't it be better to put an actual goalie in the attacking/shooting drills to help maximize the drill?

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    Make sure you guys subscribe and check out my other videos!

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    Excellent drills but why play this music when you can help more by Coaching via the drills.

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