Playin Soccer: Atlético 0 – 1 Barça | BARÇA LIVE: Warm Up & Match Center #AtletiBarça

Awesome Tip: Atlético 0 – 1 Barça | BARÇA LIVE: Warm Up & Match Center #AtletiBarça

Follow the live warm up and pre game build up of Atlético – Barça followed by an English play by play commentary, live talk and entertainment. #ForçaBarça 🔵🔴


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    sams job is to only eat lmao

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    Atletico vs Barca 0 – 1

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    What's the name of the beautiful blonde woman?

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    velbarde out

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    2:19:10 GOOOOOL

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    deverian motivar a griezman para que quiera bailarse a algun contrincante devez en cuando y asi no

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    I love these girls . Visca barca

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    With ATLETICO only 1-0? Hahahahahaha barca you asss

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    Valverde out!

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    Messi for the Ballon d'Or.

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    Messi Messi King 1 Barcelona 100

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    Who is more handsome?
    Bearded Messi?
    Beardless Messi?

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    another victory because of messi, VALVERDE OUT

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    Valverde sack him out

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    Up messi Great man

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    Valverde OUT

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    Messi messi messi… my idol

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