Playin Soccer: #AskValverde: Ernesto Valverde answers questions from the fans

Awesome Tip: #AskValverde: Ernesto Valverde answers questions from the fans

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    The best

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    Roma 3-0 Liverpool 4-0

  3. Reply

    Bring back Valverde! Quique is not doing anything different.

  4. Reply

    Why I am here after he is out

    • TED
    • June 8, 2021

    Y aporto una mierda

  5. Reply

    6:34 Really???? A defeat of 4-0 in Anfield with a def. of 3-0 ………

  6. Reply

    I come from the future in 2020 Valverde will be sack!

  7. Quique Setien

  8. Reply

    Yo quiero saber si esta 3ra temporada ganara el triplete :,v

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    When will you get sacked

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    I have 2 questions
    When will you leave barca
    Can you please resign

  12. Reply

    It is what it is fuck u useless human

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    We need another episode coz we need to know when he is leaving barca

  14. Reply

    If we knew what this shitguy was

  15. Reply

    Fuck you son of a bitch

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  17. Reply

    Lol if they knew…

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    6:35 Roma y Liverpool…

  19. Reply

    Get out of this club you shameless toothless human!!

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    Valverde Out!

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    Vete a la Mierda porfa

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    I have also two questions:
    Why do you hate Malcom?
    Why do you dont adapt youth players who really deserves it?

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    Ask him when does he live barcelona please!!!

  25. Reply

    This guy is a scam ffs

  26. Reply

    Mi encanta mucho y feliz tambien cuando habla valverde porque habla más despacio y muy serio y tranquilo que bien me gustaria

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