Playin Soccer: Arthur quizzed on his blaugrana countrymen

Awesome Tip: Arthur quizzed on his blaugrana countrymen

Arthur, a new face at the Camp Nou this season, was given a tricky test on his fellow Brazilians recently. The summer signing, as well as teammate Philippe Coutinho, were asked about their knowledge of their countrymen at Barça.

Plenty of famous players from the Brazil have pulled on the FC Barcelona shirt in both the distant and recent past. See how many Arthur can identify in this fun challenge.
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  1. Reply

    Top 10 brasileiros em Barcelona FC:
    1. Ronaldinho
    2. Daniel Alves
    3. Rivaldo
    4. Romário
    5. Evaristo de Macedo
    6. Ronaldo
    7. Neymar
    8. Beletti
    9. Edmílson
    10. Sylvinho

  2. Reply

    Cadê Keirrison?

  3. Reply

    Vamos barca

  4. Reply

    Brasil melhor pais !

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    Falto Giovanni Messias

  7. Reply

    Cadê o Douglas nessa lista ? Que injustiça

  8. Reply

    En español traduci enfermo.

  9. Reply


  10. Reply

    Arthur do Grêmio para o mundo

  11. Reply

    Mais do grêmio

  12. Reply

    What language is he speaking

  13. Reply

    faltou o Douglas kkkkkkkk

  14. Reply

    Wheres malcom

  15. Reply

    Mui bom jogador

  16. Reply


  17. Reply

    Artur mito volta pro gremio!!!

  18. Palmeiras não tem mundial

  19. Reply

    Sopa de macacu uma delicia

  20. Reply

    Arthur novo Iniesta
    Sem choro

  21. Reply

    Cadê o Douglas ? " Keirrison " ? kkkkkkk

  22. Reply

    Joga muito Arthur!!!

  23. Reply

    Y Malcom?

  24. Reply

    Faltou o Douglas

  25. Reply

    Is he really brazilian?? Cuz his language especially when he speaks english has a kinda of idk suave? Cuz he has that american english accent as he speaks brazillian like how he says "barcelona"

  26. Reply

    Yea but Ronaldo HATED barcelona becos of the way they treated him "as a brazillian"

  27. Reply

    A lenda viva Arthur

  28. Reply

    I’m so famous I’m from Barcelona oh yes my name is so cool and every one down in the comment section is saying my name

  29. Reply

    Thanks Barcelona Brazil like

  30. Reply

    Cadê o Lod Douglas mito ? Pqp Barça

  31. Reply

    Valverde põe ele pra joga porra

  32. Reply

    Falto Douglas

  33. Reply

    Does he have a different accent then the other Brazilian players? He doesn’t sound like them

  34. Reply

    De todos aí os únicos que não gosto no Barça é paulinho e Neymar

  35. Reply

    Ex Grêmio tem que ser top

  36. Reply

    Estamos vendo o novo Xavi

  37. Reply

    cade o Keirrison, o Douglas
    CADE ????

  38. Reply

    Cadê o Douglas?

  39. Reply

    Mano o arthur parece um youtuber

    • JaiQM
    • February 21, 2021

    Viva los cules!!!

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