Playin Soccer: Arsenal vs FC Barcelona: Face to face Arteta & Iniesta

Awesome Tip: Arsenal vs FC Barcelona: Face to face Arteta & Iniesta

When FC Barcelona meet Arsenal FC on Tuesday at 8.45pm CET, they’ll also be coming up against Gunners midfielder Mikel Arteta, who coincided with Andrés Iniesta at Barça’s famed La Masia youth academy. Arteta remembers his time at Barça as “the most important and beautiful of my career.”

“I saw that I was at the best training academy in the world and it left a mark on me as well as principles that are the foundation of my career,” he said.

FC Barcelona captain Andrés Iniesta also took part in the joint interview. “[Arteta] is a very good player who, in the youth ranks, was a team leader.”

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  1. It's good to see Barcelona praising the football Arsenal play

  2. props to Arteta for knowing how important Busi is to Barca

  3. This will be a good game

  4. alexis sanchez #1

  5. I love when barca play arsenal u get to see the beautiful game.

  6. Arteta it it will be the best moment of my life like as if you're likely to play mate. 😀

  7. Bismillah Barca 🙂


  9. please vidal over alves

  10. I respect Arsenal and I believe this will be a tough 2 legs but barca will go through.

  11. Barca 3, Nill for Arsenal first Leg, then Barca 4 Arsenal 1 at Camp Nou.

  12. Sergi will return to this fixture and with the team that we have I don't think arsenal have a chance!

  13. 4-3-3
    Ter Stegen
    Aleix Vidal (pace required)
    Jordi Alba (Pace)

  14. Quite a bit of history between these two great teams. It's gonna be a proper match with plenty of chances on goal, beautiful passes, staunch defense and plenty of attacking prowess.

  15. Great video! I would like to see more videos like this

  16. good luck barca!!!!!!

  17. Visca el Barça

  18. French PLEASE !

  19. @I am legend. SOOO true. First it was AC Milan, now its PSG. I swear if Barca draw PSG again I wont watch the game.

  20. Alexis back to camp nou

  21. Arteta still in Arsenal?

    • Eddie
    • February 22, 2021

    amostra arteta

  22. ♥♥♥♥♥

  23. noluyo

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