Playin Soccer: Are Open Tryouts and ID Camps a SCAM?

Awesome Tip: Are Open Tryouts and ID Camps a SCAM?

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  1. Reply

    Hope you guys enjoy the video! Let me know if you have any questions or ideas for future videos!

  2. Reply

    if you’re a true baller, it’s a great opportunity. if you’re not very good, you’re getting scammed plain and simple.

  3. Reply

    thanks for the good info, if ur good enough u can play anywhere!!

  4. Reply

    So when when would u do one this year

  5. Reply

    great info! thanks for the video

  6. Reply

    Lió messi didn’t get signed the first time he went on trials with Argentinian clubs. You have to have money to move across the sea and tryout. Most great players come from the hood in the poorest of cities and that’s where soccer in America is overlooking.

  7. Reply

    Great video!…..y saludos al Chanfle

  8. Reply

    Tbh from experience I believe they’re legit I’ve been called back from them

  9. Reply

    I paid to tryout for 2 days for 3 hours long is that good?

  10. Reply

    great video..bro

  11. Reply

    Love the video! can you maybe make a video comparing some actual college Id camps and speaking about their pros and cons compared to each other. Maybe you can throw in some pro trials along with that

  12. Reply

    Are you gonna be at the Indy Eleven tryouts?

  13. Reply

    Check out my Chanel Coach Javi! I would appreciate any advice.

  14. Reply

    Sam Diego loyals trials are the biggest money grab

  15. Reply

    Can you do a video on how to get to college level?

  16. Reply

    Coach Javi always spitting straight facts to us!

  17. Reply

    Great video keep it up

  18. Reply

    Can you make a video or say something about recruiting goalkeepers? There isn’t much content on it and I need help

  19. Reply

    ur amazing man

  20. Reply

    Something I struggle with is finding the time to train. I am constantly sitting in front of the computer and have been lazy since this whole Covid situation. I really want to become a pro player but the lack of motivation and finding on what things to improve really bring me down. I am stuck at home and cant play. I cant exercise. If you could make a video on some topic which would help, that would be greatly appreciated!

  21. Reply

    Very Useful

  22. Reply

    I’m really loving the new content

  23. Reply

    Great topic. Many of these things are simply there to make money sadly… They are not doing it for the right reasons.

  24. Reply

    Love how in depth you go!

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