Playin Soccer: ANSU FATI | A selection of his goals with the Barça youth teams

Awesome Tip: ANSU FATI | A selection of his goals with the Barça youth teams

Enjoy the best goals of La Masia promise Ansu Fati with the Barça Youth Teams
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    • Mr H
    • February 1, 2021

    Give him a life time contract please

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    Riqui Puig be like why is nobody coming to celebrate Ansu’s goal 2:52

  2. Reply

    He is natural goal scorer

  3. Se dieron cuenta de que en un gol hizo la celebración de Mbappe?

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  5. Reply

    Like si ansu va a ser mejor q Messi

  6. Reply

    Ansu fati cheer up!!

  7. Reply

    He's simply the best

  8. Reply

    El baca es una pupu

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    He is incredible. When he reaches his potineal he is going to be the king and will be on of the greatest of all time he is a future ballon d'or winner he just have to keep his feet on the ground

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    Konrad and Ansu, Monchu all my boys ❤️❤️

  12. Reply

    I swear I could have played here, the soccer programs in the US are so bad

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    ANSU FATI l A selection of his goals,,,

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    I am from the future

    He's 16 and has scored at the Camp Nou

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    Visca barsa

  16. Reply

    love you, help messi win UCL

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    Ire a europa el año q viene (españa-barcelona) jugare con ustedes ya beran

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    Joga muito! Mistura de Neymar com Sidorff

  19. Reply

    I see mane in him anyone else ?

  20. Reply

    Corinthians buy ANSU FAITI PLEASE!!

  21. Reply

    Ansu Fati >> He has the style to play like Thierry Henry!!!

  22. Reply

    God oh god first player in 15 years that reminds me of Messi

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