Playin Soccer: Andrés Iniesta's recovery for the Clásico

Awesome Tip: Andrés Iniesta's recovery for the Clásico

FC Barcelona have received a welcome boost ahead of El Clásico with the news that club captain Andrés Iniesta has received the all clear from the medical staff. The influential midfielder has been out for over 40 days since picking up an injury at Mestalla but is not back at the disposal of Luis Enrique for the match against Real Madrid. During the last five weeks, Iniesta has been training alone under a specific regiment under the guidance of the club’s medical staff. As you will see in the video, Iniesta went through a number of tailor-made exercises to help him get back up to speed and, now, the captain is back!

Han pasado 41 días desde que Andrés Iniesta cayó lesionado de la rodilla en el estadio de Mestalla. En la victoria (2-3) ante el Valencia, el capitán azulgrana sufrió una lesión parcial en el ligamento lateral externo de la rodilla derecha. Después de un periodo de recuperación intenso y sacrificado, el ‘8’ azulgrana está listo para el Clásico de este sábado contra el Real Madrid. Y es que este viernes ha recibido el alta médica y estará a disposición de Luis Enrique para el duelo del Camp Nou.

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    fuck ini

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    Where Can I get that rebounder that they have? The one that rebounds the ball when u pass into it??

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    Fuersa Iniesta.

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    the best playmaker of all time..back to fit..good to see

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    Primeramente dios mañana vas aser historia iniesta eres el tutor del centro del barca estamos contigo tu puedes

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    Allez les catalans

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    Calidad de persona y Deportista.

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    Grande Iniesta y su humildad.

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    I will be happy to see you back

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    Iniesta is the best..

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    welcome back andre

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    if he is in the team ..we have no worries..legend#

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    Vamos iniesta

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    Melhor garçom para fazer gol ..
    admiro o trabalho desse cara !!

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    vamos a ir iniesta

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    Great training montage! Better than Rocky. Eye of the tiger!

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    luca modric

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    bales injured so dont have to worry about madrids pace

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    2:0 for Barca today

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    dark knight is back

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    May the Lord God of Israel bless you in the name of Jesus. Let's win it

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