Playin Soccer: Andrés Iniesta substituted for the final time in an FC Barcelona shirt

Awesome Tip: Andrés Iniesta substituted for the final time in an FC Barcelona shirt

Andrés Iniesta leaves for the last time
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  1. Reply

    Argentina salutes you !! hats off to a legend.

  2. Reply

    Last comment

  3. Reply

    Gracias Andres… I never thought this time would come…

  4. Reply

    Messi fans like

  5. Reply

    I love Andrés Iniesta forever. He always be my hero, mentor and brother.

  6. Reply

    It made my cry! Now Messi's turn is ticking!

  7. Reply

    Almost 2 years of this and I still cry watching it

  8. Reply

    Gracies per tant!

    • DKR#
    • February 1, 2021

    Imagine.. That gonna hapen for Mes… OH shit !

  9. Reply

    Miss you captain

  10. Reply

    Iniesta and Xavi the best passers andbest ball controllers

  11. Reply

    The day Barca lost its heartbeat

    • AVR
    • February 1, 2021

    This is the day my childhood life is finished

  12. Reply

    the only player i respect from barca everyone else are just pigs

  13. Reply

    That emotion,real feelings are becoming alien to modern day football…

  14. Reply

    I will always feel unlucky to not being able to attend a match at Camp Nou during Andres Iniesta era. ALWAYS.

  15. Reply

    Nada se compara a la despedida del más grande: Andre Gomes!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Reply

    I was on that match

  17. Reply

    He is a true legend
    He has made Spain's dream come true
    He has captained Barça as
    The best
    Most importantly, he is one of the reasons I follow on football….
    Gracias, Andres!

  18. Reply

    Football is more than sport

  19. Reply

    I hope iniesta will come back to barcelona as a manager. Like if u agree

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