Playin Soccer: Andrés Iniesta pays a visit to Barça training session

Awesome Tip: Andrés Iniesta pays a visit to Barça training session

FC Barcelona first team training had a special visitor on Monday afternoon, as club legend Andrés Iniesta watched the players being put through their paces by coach Ernesto Valverde. Iniesta greeted his friends and former teammates after the session.

The former Barça captain left the club at the end of last year, following 16 seasons, to join Japanese side Vissel Kobe. He has played a total of 15 games for them so far, scoring three goals. From next season he will be joined by David Villa, whom he played alongside from 2010 until 2013.
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  1. Reply

    I miss Xavi and David Villa

  2. Reply

    Vueeelvee mago ! Se te extraña xd.

  3. Reply

    What is THE SONG callled

  4. Reply

    Para ami Iniesta tiene q ser el nuevo entrenador del Barcelona 🙂

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    El es feliz ahi en su casa

  7. Reply

    1:14 lmaooo the way they look at each other haahhahaha

  8. Reply


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    لاتقولوا ماقال إذا ميسي في باريس أقروا على احمد الرحمه وهاردلك يااسطورة تشيلي ههههه

  10. Reply

    Legend true legend

  11. Reply

    What a legend
    What a human


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    Kangen sama iniesta, sangat merindukan dia merumput bersama barca dan timnas spanyol. Terharu menonton videonya saat bertemu rekan2 setimnya di barca

  14. Reply

    Grande jogadore ..

  15. Reply

    When hi left Barca then messie Had mental pressure to give his team success

  16. Reply

    Cosa que no puede aser neymar

  17. Reply

    Shows how much he was respected

  18. Reply

    If you don’t love this man , then I don’t know if you grew up with love .

  19. Reply

    اللهم صلي وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

  20. Reply

    0:37 what is the name of that player that hugged iniesta (The Guy wearing Pink jacket)

  21. la legenda e volviendo a su viejo clup noooooo

  22. Reply

    Future coach

  23. Reply

    Griezmann is on holiday now

  24. Reply

    wtf is rakitic doin

  25. Reply

    wtf is rwkitid doin

  26. Reply

    Ufffffff qué jugadorazo!!!

  27. Reply

    Its a disgrace people compare this man to other midfielders on goals and assists like it proves anything.

    Ps: Iniesta is like a poetry in motion, a true artist. You'll have to watch him play to truly appreciate the legacy he left behind.

  28. Reply

    0:36 when he met his successor Riqui Puig

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    Messi needs xavi and Iniesta. .how happy and excited Messi is when he saw Iniesta, Barça team looks stronger when Iniesta is around them

  30. Reply

    Great great great player ,how many times he was in list of ballondor I respect him..

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    I think Xavi and Iniesta wouldn't forget the Barcelona team and the next they maybe will be Barcelona managers

  32. Reply

    Que tal sería Iniesta de técnico del Barcelona

  33. Reply

    everybody instantly smiles when they see him, he brings great vibes amongst players.

  34. Reply

    Must be dope to always be welcomed with open arms to that Camp

  35. Contigo todo era fácil uu

  36. Reply

    Andrés Iniesta, el verdadero crack del Barcelona.

  37. Reply

    Dios Mio!!

  38. Reply

    The real GOOD TIMES

  39. Reply

    For me if you had xavi and iniesta as the coaches . Barcelona would be good again .

  40. Reply

    My favourite player ever. Miss you at Barca Don Andres 🙁
    1:36 Messi gave the hardest hug. He obviously misses Iniesta

  41. Reply

    this video makes me smile

  42. Reply

    No le cae bien Suarez

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