Playin Soccer: AMAZING things that MESSI & PELE have in common! 👑

Awesome Tip: AMAZING things that MESSI & PELE have in common! 👑

As we celebrate Leo Messi surpassing Pele’s record of 642 goals for a single club, we look at some of the many things the two legends of the game have in common!


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    Video rất hay và bổ ích

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    I don't think it's right to say that someone is the best ever. Each epoch stands for itself and Pelé was different from his contemporaries at that time. This is where the art lies. Pele didn't have the training opportunities like Messi etc. have these days. Years later, footballers will have better chances than Messi has today. I think there is always someone who is the best for a period of time. Like Pelé in his time, Maradona in his time and Messi in his time…but not the "goat"

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    Ronaldo is best

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    Messi now 644

  5. Reply

    Congratulations Messi

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    Is it pronounced "Camp noo"?

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    Cant believe Ali Daei is at number 1 with 109 goals

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is the top goal scorer in the history of the game

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    Por que mierda habla inglés si esta en España el documental es de un personaje que habla español.

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    click my channel and watch me play when I was a kid

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    and Suarez

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    Why Barcelona don,t want to buy neymar

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    Me vibin cuz messi surpassed peles record

  16. Same skin color, same hair cut, same size, same age

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    messi didnt beat pelé records, for Santos pelé had 1091 goals, these goals were many in competions that today we say that doesnt count, but in time these competitions were so important. ( i am only bringing fact, please dont be offended with these words)

    • Azul
    • February 10, 2021

    Barça contrata a ibai como entrenador

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    Go wed

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    I hate Barcelona it's the worst team ever I hate messi

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    You should tell the biggest difference between them is 3 WorldCups

  22. Messi oh messi….my favorite, ,
    they are the best soccer players in the world

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    Sincerament, està molt bé tot aquest esapi que esteu desenvolupant i modernitzant en el barça. Tot i així considero que la gent que vol veure'us són gent que li agrada el futbol, quan parles de referències a gols o etapes, ficar imatges en directe i no només fotografies seria millor. Seguiu així màquines!

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    Congratulations MESSI✅

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    Leo should score 700 goals in Barça kit. This will be so amazing.

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