Playin Soccer: Amazing goal by Luis Suárez at Friday's training session

Awesome Tip: Amazing goal by Luis Suárez at Friday's training session

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    • mabc
    • February 9, 2021

    LS9 fucking legend!

  1. 1:13 what this exercise is called

  2. 2:22 – Jakby coś 😉 CUDEŃKO 😀

  3. Messi is sick

  4. he just scored an incredible back heel

  5. COOL

  6. Haaaa what the fuck and scores like that day later

  7. ¡Y contra el Mallorca un golazazo hoy!

  8. Era un anticipo del partido

  9. Suarez: scores amazing goal on friday
    Also Suarez: scores back heel

  10. Golazo el que metió hoy el pistolero, hasta opacó el hacktric de Messi.

  11. Man that first clip alone looks like they’re having so much fun ahh

  12. He did one better in today's game.

  13. On this day Suarez scored a magical back heel

  14. Y el golazo de hoy

  15. Suarez practiced it here and scored it in the match

  16. El pistolero va y te hace uno parecido en el partido

  17. 2 nil

  18. The GOAT MESSI

  19. asen siempre el mismo entrenamiento.. Cambiarlo te ase superarte..Fc barca mas que un club..

  20. Excellent

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