Playin Soccer: ALL THE GOALS: Every Ronaldinho strike for Barça!

Awesome Tip: ALL THE GOALS: Every Ronaldinho strike for Barça!

Ronaldinho spent four seasons at FC Barcelona, lighting up the Camp Nou with his dazzling skills and incredible goals. Take a look back at every strike from the Brazilian in the blaugrana!


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  1. Reply

    The real legend of Barça !

  2. Reply

    Remove stupid music

  3. Reply

    the free kick goal under the wall is outrageous

  4. Reply

    Grande Idolo!

  5. Reply

    I start watching football when he started and stop watching when he stopped

  6. Reply

    2:01 what a goal wow

  7. Ronaldinho's İconic Moments

  8. Reply

    La magia del futbol! El diño el major jugador de la história

  9. Reply

    What a legend I’m speechless

  10. Reply


  11. Reply

    50% of penaldinho's goals were from penalties and there are still people who say he is m better than CR7 and Messi haha

  12. Reply

    In his finals years, he was scoring only penalties and freekicks

  13. Reply

    I love football because of Ronaldinho. Kaka. Lampard

  14. Reply

    Great compilation just spoilt by stupid music!!!! Either have no music or music that we might associate with Ronaldinho please!!

  15. Grande ronaldinho El futbol te extraña

  16. Reply

    Gooooooods brazil man

  17. Reply

    what is the name of the song on the video?

  18. Reply

    Music name?

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