Playin Soccer: 🤯 ALL MESSI RECORDS (2021)

Awesome Tip: 🤯 ALL MESSI RECORDS (2021)

Enjoy all Messi records with Barça. From played games to goals scored including striking streaks and crazy facts and data!


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  1. Reply

    He has done many of those records only bcz of Xavi and Iniesta

  2. Reply

    Greatest of all time in the universe

  3. Reply

    the single edition of the champions league shouldn't that be ronaldo with 17?

  4. Reply

    Messi's goal against Liverpool in the 3-0 win at Camp Nou is by far the best goal I have ever seen

  5. Reply

    Sisi muchos records perooooooo el ig de la minita?

  6. Reply

    1:27 Did she say Spinish Super Cup? I played and replayed and replayed and indeed, she said Spinish.

  7. Reply

    Simply the best.

  8. Reply

    My favourite record is the most goals for a single club

  9. Reply

    The freekick against liverpool was the best freekick goal. No doubt

  10. Reply

    xd xd xd xd f f f f f f f f f f

  11. Reply

    xd xd xd xd xd f f f f f

  12. Reply

    Que paso con la rubia XD? La que antes presentaba el canal…

  13. Reply

    Amy favorite free kick of Messi is the one of Barca va Liverpool

  14. Reply

    Messi is king of football

  15. Reply

    Even People Who Dont Know About Football ,They Know Messi
    Thanks Messi For Making Football Popular
    Magical Messi!!!!!!!

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