Playin Soccer: 👀ALL EYES on the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!


All focus turns to the #UCL now as Barça prepare for their third European challenge in three weeks, going into Wednesday’s game with Dynamo Kyiv at Camp Nou on the back of two wins from two games.


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  1. 8-2

  2. Barcelona's training looks like child's play..no wonder they have very low conversion rates.

  3. Guys Barca will win today. And we wont be disappointed at all. A good win is coming.

  4. que musica es esta

  5. Barcelona8 vs0 dinamo kijev

  6. We really need a striker now more than ever. We miss a lot of chances.

  7. I have no doubt bout this team they are good but some old player are bad so they should rest I mean pique,Sergio they are not really can count on already I guess the best option is aroujo and pjanic should be a starter it’s sad to see a good team but play not consistantly

  8. Visca barca pique outt

  9. Puig moves ❤️

  10. puts the braithwaite "myth" on the pitch…

  11. Espero que el ultimo partido por lo menos haya servido para que Koeman despeje dudas con respecto a Pjanic, Busi no deberia ser titular por encima de pjanic.

  12. I ask Barcelona to focus on high pressure because this pressure closes the areas of escape and decimates the opponent in defense, and also that you focus on the players who came, this is my hope, we want only old Barcelona …Vesca braça…vesca catalonia…

  13. Make riqui puig play!!!

  14. I'm getting tired of these predictable training sessions.
    They supposed to be practicing –
    Coner positioning,
    Quick counter attacking,
    Crossing in to the box,
    Shooting in front of low block defense,
    Quick wing passing,

    Doing that Rondo ain't gonna win us anything…

  15. Riqui Puig has to start. He is the only creative mid out there other than Pedri.. Bt Koeman is stubborn useless prick…

    • Shiv
    • February 4, 2021

    busquets mal training eo bhul bhal pa tule dicche.

  16. you need to griezman and dembele are very players the two you do not other players because the team is well team

  17. ohhhh yes ter stegen we need you!!

  18. A line up full of young players may be good for next game I mean ansu pedri riqui trincao dest they all should line up in next match

  19. Griezmann please have your old hairstyle

  20. Im here cause im just want to see the gem of RIQUI PUIG

  21. Kuch nai hoga tum log se.


  23. Where is Coutinho now out of sight?

  24. dest pedri puig pjanic.. messi as striker

  25. I am fans of barcelona I want to join it

  26. Now that
    Bartomeu is OUT!!!!
    Lets go back to

  27. Ter stegen is back

  28. Hey Admin are we going bankrupt..
    I hope me viewing the full ad helps

  29. Imo we need to stop using pique, we need younger, faster, and hungrier defenders, it’s annoying see pique start when he’s making all of these mistakes, Neto has been amazing goal but because of the defense, we’ve been crap

  30. Dest should start who else agrees?

  31. 今言うべきではないけどシュテーゲンのほうがキャプテン向いてるよね

  32. Dest should start

  33. After that what. Do we take our eyes off when you play La Liga.

  34. Sergio Pique are legends no doubt..but they are slowing down our attack and defense..I guess it's time to step down

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