Playin Soccer: 🔜 All eyes on Celta as Koeman previews tomorrow's clash

Awesome Tip: 🔜 All eyes on Celta as Koeman previews tomorrow's clash

Ronald Koeman looked ahead to tomorrow’s La Liga tie against Celta Vigo whilst the first team went through their final preparations at Ciutat Esportiva. Catch the highlights of a busy day in Barcelona!


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  1. Reply

    Fan FC Barcelona

  2. Reply


  3. Reply

    Sell greizmann and buy lautaro

  4. Im from maruicos
    بالنسبة لجريزمان اعتقد مع الوقت سيندمج مع المجموعة و مع المدرب كومان

  5. Reply

    Down with Barca… Bartameo out… He has ruined Barca… looking forward to Barca having the worst season, since last season, and worse still to come! Go MANCHESTER CITY!!!

  6. Reply

  7. Reply

    Griezmann Valencia CF.

  8. Reply

    Fati vaamoos

  9. Reply

    Keoman needs to help Dembele to improve on his defensive abilities and then put him on the right wing. Baryen is successful now because they have young wingers like Gnabry,Sane,Coleman etc…Meanwhile keoman is thinking about selling one of best young wingers in world football and using Griezman on the wings…haha..funny club!

  10. Reply

    All i have to say Barcelona bring Us defenders 4 and 5 Pique and legleth Barcelona should not trust them at all

  11. Reply

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful…..

  12. Reply

    Koeman makes even Spanish sound like French. So neat

  13. Reply

    Latihan terus .. semangat

  14. Reply

    We need griezmann in his original position

  15. Reply

    la estupidez del presidente del barça vendiendo diamantes y comprando mierda fuckk

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  17. Reply

    Only griezamn doesnt fit in this team

  18. Reply

    Grazeman is playing below expectation.

  19. Reply

    Haashin iidoor bile

  20. Reply

    Who is here after Barcelona won against celta

  21. Reply

    It’s going to be 3-0 we win

  22. Reply


  23. Reply

    Pon a ansu de 9 y a dembele de extremo donde está jugando actualmente ansu Griezmann de segundo delantero en la banca

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  25. Reply

    tv nasional sekarang sudah g brani nyiarin laliga,,,jadi kurang asik

  26. Reply

    Lets do it barce

  27. Reply

    Koeman chose a good time to come to Barca he has pre-season, new players from last yrs signing as well as a new signing of his choice plus la masia graduates, Setien only had 1 of these!

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