Playin Soccer: Álex Collado's wonder strike against Atlético Levante

Awesome Tip: Álex Collado's wonder strike against Atlético Levante

Álex Collado score an awesome goal against Atlético Levante
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  1. Reply

    vrey good

  2. Reply

    To much promising…

  3. Reply

    If he does anything remotely similar to this when he's playing for the first team he'll win the Puskas award, no question about it.

    • IPer
    • February 8, 2021

    And Bartomeu wasted 31 millons in Trincao

  4. Reply

    Best colado N messi mirror

  5. Reply

    Un objectiu a l'estil de Lionel Messi

  6. Reply

    Save us

  7. Reply

    He should join the first team

  8. Reply


  9. Reply

    Valverde : maybe this player suitable in dmf

  10. Reply

    20 % Goal , 80 % Luck…

  11. Reply

    Damn, so he megged #12 twice in the same play. Ouch!!!

  12. Reply

    WOW! New Messi

  13. Reply

    Sin palabras

  14. Reply

    Is this there b-team

  15. Reply

    Es como una fusiom de Bojan kirkic y griezmann jajajaajajaja

  16. Reply

    Craziest goal i've seen in along time

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    Lo segundo lo hace queriendo? Porque de ser así es una genialidad. El chaval tiene regate, visión de juego, talento técnico. Hay que seguirlo muy de cerca e irle dando minutos en el primer equipo!

  18. Reply

    He’s the next Messi for me

  19. Reply

    I my God

  20. Reply

    what a surprising goal

  21. Reply

    Damn that was lucky

  22. Reply

    Cuando tu novia va a verte jugar

  23. Reply

    Que orgullo
    Barça tiene futuro siempre y cuando No esté Bartomeu ni Valverde

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  25. Reply

    Lucky ass goal were is the good goal nothing but goal good for him.thats all

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    2 panda on the same person daymmmm

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