Playin Soccer: Alen Halilovic's debut with FC Barcelona

Awesome Tip: Alen Halilovic's debut with FC Barcelona

Alen Halilovic showed plenty of signs of potential class in the first half against Huelva. He made his debut as a Barça player against Recreativo de Huelva (0-1), at Colombino tournament.

Halilovic fue uno de los jugadores más activos del encuentro en el debut del Barça 2014/15 en Huelva y mostró detalles de lo que es capaz de hacer. Contra el Recreativo (0-1) hizo su debut como jugador del Barça.

Halilovic va ser un dels jugadors més actius del matx en el debut del Barça 2014/15 a Huelva i va mostrar detalls del que és capaç de fer. Contra el Recreativo (0-1), va fer el seu debut com a jugador del Barça.

Barça 2.0
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  1. Reply

    6 years later he plays for Birmingham

    • idk
    • April 4, 2021

    Well well well…

  2. Reply

    He dissapointed all of us

  3. Reply

    is this fc barca b or just fcb?

    • nam
    • April 4, 2021

    He plays like xavi and ineista tbh, great attacker and defender, he should really join the 1st team! I can see the next legend in you!

  4. Reply

    FC Barcelona se esta llenado de Arios

  5. Reply

    I like what Enrique is doing with the team. Buying proven big name stars (Suarez, Rakitic, Bravo etc.) and also promoting young talent such as Deulofeu and Rafinha.

  6. Reply

    Another like neymar, always in the floor.

    • T D
    • April 4, 2021

    alen iniesta :* ♥

  7. Reply

    Halilovic , el próximo messi!

  8. Reply


  9. Reply

    give him just 10 minutes in first team to prove his self

  10. Reply

    Slow butcandevelop

  11. Reply

    Iniesta and Messi will teach you to be a GREAT player!

  12. Reply

    este año lo animaremos, compartir mis vídeos y mirar como animo!

  13. Reply

    Tiene futuro el zurdo ojala y que juegue de titular el los partidos oficiales del Barca 

    • Al
    • April 4, 2021

    He reminds me of Achillies cousin cuz he moves just like Messi and dribbles like him but he still needs more time to develop anyway very talented. 

  14. Reply

    his skills are like messi

  15. Reply

    the next neymar, great falling skill !

  16. Reply

    young messi

  17. Reply

    he needs to shine with barca b this year to get to the first team, he's 18 now, a very good age to start with the first team, if players like iniesta, rakitic or rafinha gets seriously injured, he should be promoted to the first team then…

  18. Reply

    Halilovic hopefully can expand again, I've been following the game in the dynamo zagreb. 

  19. Reply

    2 mins of my Life that I'll NEVER get back!!

  20. Reply

    La verdad, no vi el partido, pero en este video, no mostró nada interesante. Esperemos que cuando se lo necesite, muestre cosas buenas. También es verdad que es muy joven y no hay que apurarlo.

    Ojalá este sea un muy buen año para el Barcelona!!!

  21. Reply

    Meu deus o Alen   não fez nada de mais , ele fez uma partida no máximo normal, não sei o que  esse povo está vendo  de tão  extraordinário , vocês estão sendo manipulados  facilmente ! 

  22. Reply

    he is a good player but he is slow and his passing are not that good !!

  23. Reply

    OMG ! just like leo <3 we have now new pirlo " Sergi Samper " and new Messi !

  24. Reply

    Future Star!

    • FCB
    • April 4, 2021

    Halilovic > kroos. 

  25. Reply

    Hummels to Manchester United? Barca, do something, we need him! Don't let it happening!

  26. Reply

    He's really like Iniesta should go into the first team

  27. Reply

    He plays just like David Silva

  28. Reply

    Que ? Eso que pinche jugador pirata

  29. Reply

    A Iniesta and Messi hybrid. This guy is going to be great for Barca. The future is so bright. <3 

  30. Reply

    At CAM or CF in 2-3 years he will be a beast! 🙂

  31. Reply

    He looks like a mix of Messi and Iniesta

  32. Reply

    2nd choice for false 9 or midfielder. Move this man to first team now. Sergi roberto had his chances but didn't prove much, this kid shows he could play the big games and deliver

  33. Reply

    Alen Halilovic. It's your choice you want to be like Messi or Bojan.

  34. Reply

    God bless you in the name of Jesus

  35. Reply

    Great player, reminds me of messi when he was younger, but of course no one can be like messi:)

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