Playin Soccer: Afghan boy Murtaza Ahmadi joins FC Barcelona in Doha

Awesome Tip: Afghan boy Murtaza Ahmadi joins FC Barcelona in Doha

Prior to FC Barcelona’s friendly game against Al-Ahli there was a touching meeting between Leo Messi and Murtaza Ahmadi, the youngster from Afghanistan who became famous for being photographed playing football wearing a homemade plastic Argentina number 10 shirt.

Murtaza Ahmadi, el niño afgano que se hizo famoso por lucir una camiseta de Messi hecha con una bolsa de plástico, ha conocido a su ídolo hoy en Doha, antes del partido contra el Al-Ahly.

قبل مباراة الأبطال مع الأهلي، وقفت جماهير برشلونة في الدوحة شاهدة على لحظة مؤثرة كان بطلها ليو ميسي ومرتضى أحمدي، الطفل الأفغاني الذي حظي بشهرة واسعة من خلال صورته التي ظهر فيها وهو يداعب الكرة بقميص أرجنتيني من البلاستيك يحمل الرقم 10

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    Beautiful history ❤❤❤

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    The obtainable ferry ectrodactyly explain because iron untypically load failing a burly occupation. imaginary, filthy vibraphone

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    Wow.. I'm crying.. so cute… This how sport makes to other people..making hope and love each other…

  4. Reply

    Why am i only knowing about this now

  5. Reply

    Amazing gesture by Messi.. sports can conquer anything in this world! Even Hate!!

  6. Reply

    really why people dislike the video why

  7. Reply

    The poor kid is getting threatened by the taliban to death , and his family is having to flee from their home and nobody really cares and now he can’t play football much anymore

  8. Reply

    My like mesi

  9. Reply

    dreams are real ❤️: lill kid

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    Omg this is soooo awesome, animo barca!!!!!

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    Cute kid

  12. Reply

    I am a big fan of you Murtaza, you are my hero. Love you.

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    Legend of football ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

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    the kid needs messi"s help now the taliban threatened the family they had to flea they were sent back to their own country and they now live in fear for their lives so where is messi now ( not in the public interest now i guess )

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    Hahha cutie

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    Aww moments at 0.09 & 1.13, he is so cute… Thanks Messi…

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    He will never forget this

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    Mesi is the best person.

  19. Jajajaja

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    Messi wonderful human being person

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    Pure Love

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    wow he is very happy together with he's idol's love to see this games

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    Simple request but make the greatest day of those children. For some athlete who been idolize make thesame as how messi does. Make a good sample to our children for that they are far for bad things.

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    What a moment

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    Is this kid in La Masia rn?

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    The oversized clothes looks so cute on him

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    That oversize jersey makes him cuter…

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    Lucky guy

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    l am Bangladeshi ..I love messi

  30. Afghanistan we love from Nepal.

    Afghanistan and Nepal two-country nobody could invade and colonize.

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