Playin Soccer: Advice From D1 College Soccer Coaches

Awesome Tip: Advice From D1 College Soccer Coaches


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  1. Reply

    Hey guys, sorry that this video is all over the place! Hopefully you get some good info out of it though!

  2. Reply

    How can you get into these camps if you don't live in the USA

  3. Reply

    hey coach for those with limited budgets what would you recommend as best utilization of your money as far as camps and ID camps. I would love to take my boys to camps all summer but the get expensive.

  4. Reply

    Post more Sunday league mate. Your a beast!!!

  5. Reply

    Thanks for providing gk advice

    • Noah
    • February 9, 2021

    the intro/beginning was awesome

  6. What team do you coach

  7. Reply

    Isak won in Rock Paper Scissors didn't he

  8. Reply

    Hi! I'm 17 and I play in the 5th division in italy. Do you think I can make it to D1?

  9. Reply

    How do we build confidence.

  10. Reply

    How much does isak pay for ur training

  11. Reply

    This video was helpful because I recently joined a club team and we attended a college showcase in Ohio and I fell I did good and I got 4 invites to camps and 2 were from Xavier University and University of Louisville

  12. Reply

    Did you upload a video for strikers and center-mids yesterday?

  13. Reply

    When your first but dont know what to comment…

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