Playin Soccer: Advice for International Footballers to Play in the United States (NCAA D1 and Professional)

Awesome Tip: Advice for International Footballers to Play in the United States (NCAA D1 and Professional)

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    Baby mama!!! and yea Im still waiting for Georgis next video lol

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    how do transfers work?

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    Hey Coach, Those Uber Mannequin defenders. How durable and sturdy are they? Can they handle free kicks or no? Do you recommend getting 3 or 4 of them for individual/ small group training?

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    Does naia give full scholarship coach javi?

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    Hey coach I just bought the replay station and I was wondering what you used as the weight for it so it doesn’t move. Mine came with the bag but no weight with it

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    Love the vid learn a lot

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    Does getting a scholarship means u don't have to pay fees for four years? Or just a year?

  8. Thanks for the info coach JAVI!!! Loving the channel

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    Hey coach, I have a huge question about my highlight vid, I'm international student from Mexico, I want to play college soccer, I play in soccer team and also I recently got into a local academy, but I usually play in ground fields in soccer team, and the grass fields that we use in academy are closed because of COVID, will I have a chance to get recruited if I play in these types of fields?
    Thanks for all your videos and content, appreciate it coach.

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    1 st

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