Playin Soccer: A special Messi autograph — on a tattoo of his own image!

Awesome Tip: A special Messi autograph — on a tattoo of his own image!

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    Pero hay poca gente jaja.

  2. Reply

    Messi é destro wtf !

  3. Reply

    I am still unbelievable
    About 8 2

  4. Reply

    I went all the way from Australia to Barcelona for Messi autograph and he never even looked at me ☹️.

  5. Left footed but right handed

  6. Reply

    Its nice that they take spevial care to autograph for kids

  7. Reply

    Right handed while left footed. same as me.

  8. Reply

    Firma con la derecha

  9. Reply

    Messi left footed but right handed?

  10. Reply

    Parece o max lopez

  11. Reply

    No se supone que messi es zurdo?

  12. Reply

    he is a right handed

  13. Reply

    How undignified. Messi looks embarrassed.

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    Cr7 fan among so many Messians

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    Who fans Messi?

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    I want the old MSN team[messi,neymar,Suarez]
    Missing it a lot

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    Messi pensó; y este chabon que se hizooo?

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    1:48 What did that little blonde girl scream there at the end to Ter Stegen lol? Cristiano?

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    El mejor club del mundo MI BARCELONA y Messi un gran jugador. Saludos desde Medellín Colombia

  22. Reply

    Tere estegen una foto por favor!!! 1:29

    • Ash
    • February 2, 2021

    What an idiot

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