Playin Soccer: A Simple & Effective Skill Move | The "V" Tutorial

Awesome Tip: A Simple & Effective Skill Move | The "V" Tutorial

A Simple & Effective Skill Move, watch this easy tutorial to learn the great skill!

Music: Jim Yosef & Anna Yvette – Courage [NCS Release]

Icehunt – Hover (feat. Helen Tess) [NCS Release]

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    Your channel is super

  3. Reply

    Awsome tricks Man !

  4. Reply

    هاي والعسكسه L شفت

  5. Reply

    I’m having. Trouble even with practice plz help

  6. Reply

    One of defender in the video was just waiting lol

  7. Reply

    How to do goalkeeping


    my friend: man your skills are terrible


    My friend: wow how do you do that?

    Thx all attack

  9. Reply

    Me Training: I got this
    Me in a Game:?!?!?!?!

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    Excellent bro!

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    Nice …..I will try it

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    Paareee, boll spot thats it

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    Thank you so much, I have being practicing soccer using your videos, and I am improving in a rapidly.

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    make a video on how to protect the ball against players bigger than you.

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    A variation of elastico..

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    Love your videos

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    All skills require speed

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    Show please how to ping

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    Am a dribbler bur very bad at scoring goals
    I cant even able to score a open goal

    I dnt use fancy skills
    But just 1 touch dribble
    I can dribble 6 players in 1run but shoot outside of the pitch
    Sometimes i cant even dribble pls help me

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    Gimme some skills of cr7

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    AllAttack Send Me

    Shield The Ball Video Link Please….

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    its very good to the midfielder ❤

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    Nic video

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    I created this own my own

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    Sir make the video on how I can goel easily

  28. Reply

    flex seal

  29. Reply

    It's my favourite skill to used when playing

  30. Reply

    do u know how to do the ping

  31. Reply

    Love your videos

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