Playin Soccer: A Professional Coach Gives His Opinion on the Pay to Play System in the United States

Awesome Tip: A Professional Coach Gives His Opinion on the Pay to Play System in the United States

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    I don't even wanna play anymore because of this

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    Hey coach Javi. I think your videos on drills and the ones which you just discuss and share information about football/soccer are really insightful. Thanks

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    Why is the mls academy free then

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    Have Moy in some more videos!! He is hella funny!!!

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    I couldn't agree with you more. But what's the solution? We know the problem but we never try to fix it… How would a club survive with no income from the players & players' parents?

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    I would like to hear about the schedule a player needs to have to practice and go pro!

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    imagine all the folks in Latin America or third world countries including mexico if they had equal chances like here in America, not saying Mexico is better than America or America 2 Mexico vice versa, but it’s the beautiful game it belongs 2 everyone/anyone it’s not a competiton all love no hate

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    I had no knowledge of your amazing keeper skills

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    This transfer window alone we’ve seen so many young Americans leaving the mls/academies to play in Europe. Brenden Aaronson and Caden Clark are the most promising in my opinion. Like you said, it’s just a matter of time before soccer is the #1 sport in America. We have too much talent.

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    Coach Javi,

    As a Grass Roots coach myself I see this every day! So many good talented players seem to fall off or give up playing simply due to the fact they can not afford it. What can we do as a system to get this any better? I’ve been blessed enough to get up to my D-License so far but anything after that I’m really on my own dime. How can we as a grass roots effort make education more freely available to anyone who wants to learn? By which give some competition to the USSF system who in most cases is far behind what the FA or UEFA models are at?
    I try to do my best by educate players who play for our club on the college route with hopes I can help them get into some D3 or D2 or even NAIA schools to give them a chance. I try to push academics as a way to show them they CAN get to college and play if they keep their heads down and do well in school to play. I’m always trying to network and find ways to give our kids who play for our small club ANY chance I can.

    Would like your take on what all we CAN DO to make things better. Thank you for all your videos

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    The United States is a business not a country

  14. I have my national and gk 3. Why spend thousands more when I'm already where I want to be. I wish our education wasn't so expensive but the coaching course fees are not discussed enough. I do scout high school soccer and pull good players from them but they miss the offers from the big schools

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    In Finland my club costs about 1500 per year plus travel. It can add up to about 2000-2500 and my team isn't even one of the more expensive teams.

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    WHY us government don't establish national academy like Qatar. Qatar won the Asia cup when they are only a littlie bit more than one million people. but us above 300 millions, then maybe there will be a chance to create very strong squad for their national team. they have now pulisic playing for Chelsea, there will be more professional players in near future if they think in that way.

  17. At New Orleans Dynamo Football Club we have put in place Pay Less to play programs which has helped but definitely still have a problem in the US.

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    Exactly my dream is to go pro and I’m only Good at soccer and the only way to make money in us is construction and academy which I never had money for

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    All club is like DA
    Is kids who pay a bunch and have been there for like 10 yrs

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    NISA, NASL, USL, NPSL and their growth gets me excited for soccer in the US. More millionares and billionares are making teams in these lower divisions so that's good. I think these teams will be the ones to give more players a chance to go pro

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    Eat your heart out oswaldo sanchez

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    Great video! Is twitter useful for being scouted

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    So I am currently in 9th grade (Freshman in HS). I know coaches can't contact you until 11th grade (Junior year in HS), but I know you can contact coaches whenever. What age do you think it's best to start contacting these coaches?

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    I’m a junior in hs right now and I’m the most dedicated I’ve been in a while, but I can’t afford college do idk how I’m supposed to make it. Plz help coach Javi

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    Coach Javi, I am a junior in high school, and I have played soccer my whole life, I came to the United States from a country where soccer is a major sport, do you think it is too late for me to play college ? I have not joined a club or my high school yet, but do you think I still have the chance to play college soccer? And what do you think is best route to that with my current situation??

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    @coachjavi I can relate to this problem 10000%, I’m 18 and throughout my years i was offered to play for some club teams but unfortunately due to my parents financial situation it made it impossible. Little do people know how much this affects mental health because I saw my dream of playing pro start to slowly fade away, you start to lose confidence and start to devalue yourself because you see your friends playing in good club teams, and getting the opportunity to play in the biggest college showcases, while I played AYSO for most of my life. For that reason I dedicated to watch YouTube channels like yours and become elite so I can learn from the pros and develop my skills from there. And I know I am able to compete with those who played club but no matter how much I trained or how much I tried to learn the game of soccer My dream of becoming pro and even play college soccer is dying bc I don’t play club or play in a credible/competitive environment where I can can get recruited. I’m glad you made this video coach Javi to bring more awareness to this problem and hopefully it can be solved in the near future. God bless

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    Out of topic but can someone recommend me the best ball for for 60 or like 2 ball for 60 dollar

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    I live in Canada and it’s worse here , paying lots of money and driving 90 min each way to play until covid . My son is 15 yrs old and has had trials with MLS teams . Want to take him to where I am from in Spain , but Covid got in the way . I think government needs to invest more money as do MLS teams in Canada. Teams in Spain have more players in their Academy system per age group . Canadian MLS teams only carry small amounts of players and then ID players in play to play league . Which means if you can’t afford $ 4000 a year you will not get a chance .

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    I have to say that the pay to play scam is ridiculous !! I have had that horrible experience.!! I totally agree that imagine all the talent that didn't have a shot because of this !! It makes me sad that this country has been doing this. No wonder soccer in the US is sooo far behind the times.

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    can you make a video about tips for transferring from a 2 year college to a 4 year university? and maybe pros and cons of playing college vs just seeking out trials? great video i really enjoy your content.

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    There has to be a solution right? Bc it should really come down to how good you are.

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    Drills for fullbacks

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