Playin Soccer: A day in the life of Messi

Awesome Tip: A day in the life of Messi

Leo Messi is finishing the season in spectacular form. The Argentinian star has reached the milestone of 500 official goals for FC Barcelona and he did so with a brilliant brace against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu. One of the goals scored in the last minute gave the blaugranas an epic 3-2 victory in El Clásico and the Camp Nou paid tribute to the Barça star in the Osasuna match.

Have you ever asked yourself what a day in the life of Messi is like before he trains or plays? In the following video, you’ll discover how he experiences a training day at the Ciutat Esportiva as well as away trips with the squad and match days at the Camp Nou. You’ll also see how Messi is welcomed at airports and how he returns the love. Don’t miss this exclusive video!


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  1. Que lindo seria ser 30 minutos messi.

  2. Finally

  3. im from india and i love sundar pichai and messi 0:23

  4. somebody tell me how messi grows his beard anytime he wants and how he changes haircuts in a day

  5. What a true legend man messi is he never disappoints any fan

  6. Song please

  7. messi

  8. I wonder if Leo will want to manage. He has had ultra scrutiny his whole career. He might like to just do a bit of punditry.

  9. Lies!!!
    It's not a day in a Messi's life
    I don't like this content


  11. Watching in Jan 2021 and sad to see that Messi no longer carries that perpetual smile on his face

  12. MSN "laughing days"
    Now messi barely smile

  13. Guys he's running after a ball… 
    You should be crazy when you see a fireman no a guy running after a ball… 
    The world is completely fucked up.

    • B511
    • February 3, 2021

    I wish I were old enough to travel around the world and meet Messi in airports and anywhere he goes. I am 16yo and I have no chance to meet him 🙁 when I grow up he would have finished his career 🙁

  14. Anyone in 2021

  15. I wish I could see him in real life, juste once.

  16. eat
    messi routine

  17. I love you Messi

    From Brazil ❤

  18. Messi used iPhone 11 pro not 12pro max

  19. The perfect mercury computationally smash because exhaust hemodynamically bathe concerning a elegant scarf. automatic, hungry head

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