Playin Soccer: A day in the life of Lieke Martens

Awesome Tip: A day in the life of Lieke Martens

The past 12 months was certainly the year of Lieke Martens. Chronologically, the Dutch striker – who played for Swedish side Rosengärd – signed for Barça, won the European Championship played in her country, was awarded the best player of the tournament, was chosen as player of the year for UEFA and won FIFA’s ‘The Best.’

Her life has changed completely. In a new instalment of the Histories programme, Barça TV interviewed the No.22 over a whole day. From her arrival at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, where she joined the team, until the afternoon, when she took advantage of being able to enjoy the Catalan capital. The result, an unprecedented look at the best women’s football player in the world.
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  1. Reply

    The Best

  2. Reply

    Hope she continues in this team for her hole career.

  3. Reply

    The female MESSI!

  4. Reply

    Why not play in camp nou

  5. Reply

    She is better than Alex Morgan especially in….

  6. Reply

    Bien podíais poner subs en español,carallo

  7. Reply

    So cute – I used to think all womens players were all lesbians / overly masculine and also terrible – last few years especially with our Dutch team – changed my mind – brilliant

  8. Reply

    Lekker liek je bent een baas

    Ik heb iemand in mijn team spelen zij is 11 en zit in de onder 13 en zij lijkt zoooooo veel op jou kwa uiterlijke maar ook kwa voetbal gedrag

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    Qie chica hermosa

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    6:44 gueee who's back

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    Why all female footballers are lesbian?

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    En België!!!!!

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    She reminds me of Johan Cruyff.

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    She have an amazing accent

  16. Reply

    she is cute also

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    Mijn naam is ook Lieke!

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    I can see Lieke and Messi are both very kind hearted people with a soft spirit . Always there for others ❤️ very humble and sweet . Never loose it.

  19. Beautiful humble talented and good at what she does. I love this girl. all the best for you.

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    My name is Morris M and I going to join Barca in future don’t forget my name

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    can anyone tell me what's the song title in the beginning of this video?

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