Playin Soccer: 7 WAYS to SHOOT and Score More Goals in REAL GAMES

Awesome Tip: 7 WAYS to SHOOT and Score More Goals in REAL GAMES

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  1. Reply

    Which player is the best at shooting?

  2. Reply

    Instructions unclear blasted a guy in the sack

  3. Reply

    0:35 his leg is under the ground

  4. Reply


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    ronaldo skills

  6. Reply

    Nice move

  7. Reply

    I love your Videos Man

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    start another channel named all defense

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    Your videos are the best!

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    Martial must watch this video…

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    now i can finish of my brother thnx

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    Thanks bro

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    Good information

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    Here is my eight year son's video of kicking practice, please encourage him with good words.


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    Watch this in 1.25x speed trust me it’s way better and less time consuming

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    Allattck is best

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    how do i send this to martial

    • JS
    • February 4, 2021

    Im a goalkeeper watching this so ik what to practice on

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    You're videos are very helpful

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    My Shoots Always go here and there but never go where they're supposed to ,what should I do ,please reply.

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    Thank you all attack from Greece

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    7:12 Anleitung zu ungenau, Gegner wurde kastriert

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    Lean over the ball then better I am do the fake shot

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